Sexy underwear shop product map

Sexy underwear shop product map

Sexy underwear shop product map

Interesting underwear shops usually have various product pictures to attract customers’ attention.In this article, we will discuss some of the most common sexy underwear shops.

Erotic jumpsuit

Sexual jumpsuits are extremely sexy sexy underwear, and its design makes the body curve more tempting.Generally speaking, sexual jumpsuits are usually black or red, and are made of silk or lace materials.Most sexual jumpsuits have open crotch design, which is convenient for sex with partners.

Sexy bra and underwear suit

Cut Out Sheer Pilot Sexy Costume Teddy Bodysuit – Y205

Sexy bra and underwear suits make women feel more confident and sexy.This kind of sexy underwear is usually made of lace or silk, and the colors are also very diverse, including black, red, pink, blue, etc.Many bra and panties are also equipped with lace lace to make it more sexy.

Fun Nurse

Fun nurse pretend to be a couple who likes to play different characters.It usually has white and red elements with theme colors, as well as design elements similar to traditional nurse uniforms.This erotic underwear includes bra, underwear, gloves and fake socks, which can perfectly shape the image of the nurse.

Adult game set

Adult game set is suitable for couples with some sexual experience.It usually includes some tools, such as handcuffs, straps, eye masks, etc., which allows couples to imagine novel sex experiences.This erotic underwear suit usually does not have obvious design, but they often use sexy materials such as silk or lace.

Sex student outfit

Sexual students usually include black mini skirts, small red collars, white shirts and other elements.The design of this sexy underwear came out of Japanese anime. Many people think they are very cute and very sexy.

Stockings and slippers

Stockings and slippers can be used with sexy underwear, thereby increasing the overall sexy level.Some stores will launch sexy underwear that matches stockings and slippers so that customers can build a sexy suit.


Transparent underwear and bra

Transparent underwear and bra can improve the "transparency" of the body, making women’s body curves more attractive.Many transparent bra and underwear are designed with very diverse designs, such as heart shape, lace, lace, etc.

Erotic toys

Interest toys are a tool for sex, usually including massage sticks, simulation penis, handheld vibrators, etc.This kind of sexy underwear usually does not have the requirements for design, but the quality must be qualified to ensure the safety of use.

Lace size adjustment panties

Lace size adjustment underwear is a sexy underwear that can satisfy women with different waist circumferences. The size can be adjusted when used to make it more fit.The design of this sexy underwear often pays special attention to comfort, because the use of unsuitable size will affect its effect.

Chest stickers and stealth chest

The chest stickers and invisible bras can shape women’s breasts without using traditional bras.They usually use materials such as rubber rollers or loose bands to paste their chests on the body.The design of this sexy underwear focuses on the appearance, making women’s chest lines smoother.


In the sexy underwear shop, each product has different design and functions to cater to different gender and preferences.Customers should fully understand the attributes and characteristics of each product, and choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.