Sexy underwear self -operated open crotch conjoined


As a luxury product, sexy underwear has been accepted and liked by more and more people in modern times.Today, what we want to discuss is the open crotch connection of sexy underwear.This sexy underwear has been welcomed by many people with its unique design and sexy charm.Let’s take a look at this underwear together.


Sexy underwear self -operated open crotch connecting is a unique design of sexy underwear, usually composed of jumpsuits and upper body underwear.This underwear is exposed to the other parts from the navel and the back, and other parts are exposed to the outside, while creating sexy and seductiveness, it can meet the needs of sexual life.

Sexy charm

The sexy charm of sexy underwear self -operated open crotch conjoosure is mainly manifested in its design.The exposed back and the exposed thighs are its biggest features.Women wearing this underwear will feel their charm, which also brings a richer experience to sexual life.


If you want to buy a sexy underwear self -operated open crotch, it is best to understand your body and size first. When you buy, you can also refer to the manufacturer’s size table.Be careful not to be too tight or loose when wearing, so as not to affect comfort and beauty.In addition, when cleaning, you also need to follow the cleaning instructions of the underwear, and you cannot clean it at will, especially for underwear for some special fabrics.


Interesting underwear self -operated open crotch conjunction is suitable for sexual life between couples or places where single women want to improve their own charm.At the same time, if you are a sauna enthusiast, wearing this underwear is also a good choice.

Method of matching

Fun underwear self -operated open crotch conjoined is best worn alone. It can be paired with a long jacket or a transparent robe to increase beauty.At the same time, it can be paired with high heels or lace stockings to improve visual effects.

Fabric selection

The fabric is an important part of underwear.Fun underwear self -operated open crotch conjoined fabrics usually use soft and comfortable silk and cotton fabrics.Of course, some underwear uses lace fabrics or toy fabrics. Different underwear fabrics can also cause different feelings of underwear.

Concerns and solutions

For some people, there may be some concerns to buy sexy underwear self -operated open crotch conjunctions.They may worry about the comfort, durability or cleaning of underwear.For these problems, the best solution is to choose to try to quality as well as the manufacturers, follow their cleaning and use instructions, and do not use too strong washing machines with water washing.

Sexual experience

Interest underwear self -operated open crotch conjoosure is not only an ordinary sexy underwear, it can also make your sex experience more rich and exciting.It is your best choice whether it is a sex tool or an increase in interest.


The above is the introduction of the self -operated open crotch conjoined by the fun underwear.For different people, this underwear has different meaning and use.But in general, the sexy charm and sexual experience of sexy underwear self -operated open crotch connectives are shared by everyone.If you also want to experience this charm, then hurry up and choose a sexy underwear that suits you!

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