Sexy underwear Korean movie

Sexy underwear Korean movie

Opening remark

For a long time, sexy underwear is a sensitive topic.But in movies, it is sometimes used as a plot node.Today, what we want to discuss is the depiction and display of sexy underwear in Korean movies.How does it break through the traditional concept and show sexy underwear in a new way?Let’s take a look together.

Movie Synopsis

The movie is called "The Women of a Sexy Lingerie Shop", which is a Korean movie released in 2017. Directed by Yin Chengzhi, Zhu Xiangyu, Li Chengzhe, Li Jingen starring.This film tells a story about the entanglement between female employees and customers in sex underwear stores.

The character construction of the sex lingerie store

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The beauty of the sexy underwear shops in the movie is both of the characters and many roles.The manager is a middle -aged woman who is over 40 years old and has a unique insight for sexy underwear.The salesperson is the sister of the store manager, and their relationship is both affectionate.There are also young and sexy salespersons in the store responsible for recruit male customers.From these roles, we can see the humanization and multi -the -dimensional characteristics of sexy underwear stores.

Falling underwear design

The sexy lingerie design in the movie is different from traditional sexy underwear. They are more strange and have a sense of technology.The designers of the movie sexy underwear work hard on these designs, and many of them have amazing innovation and specificity. It may be to highlight the beauty of the film and the cutting -edge of sexy underwear design.

Sexy underwear color scheme

Compared with the black and red advocated by traditional sexy underwear, the sexy underwear in the movie is more diverse and rich. The exquisite patterns and colorful colors make people dizzying, and also make sex more beautiful and beautiful.

The relationship between sexy underwear and character

In the movie, different characters wear different types of sexy underwear.The store manager wears a more fit and sexy underwear, reflects her confidence in her body; while the salesperson wears more strange and imaginative sexy underwear, reflecting their youth and vitality.

The relationship between sex underwear and plot

In the movie, sexy underwear is not only a form of expression, but also an important factor to promote the development of the plot.The emergence of sexy underwear is always accompanied by the development of the plot, especially in the interaction of the male and female protagonists, sexy underwear is an important starting point for the plot.


The relationship between erotic underwear and emotion

Interest underwear is not only a sexy and beautiful clothing, but also a symbol of emotion and love.In the movie, sexy underwear is an important element for creating a romantic atmosphere and creating emotional influence.Through the interaction of sexy underwear, the male and female protagonists show emotional sublimation and rendering a more romantic atmosphere.

Falling underwear display method

The display of sexy underwear in the movie is not limited to the store, but also in some special occasions.For example, at a nightclub party, the heroine wore a pink sexy underwear and attracted the attention of men around me.It is through a special display method that the sexy and beauty of sexy underwear is fully displayed.

Film’s innovation of sexy underwear

The film’s innovation of sexy underwear is not limited to the style and design of sexy underwear, but also in the fusion of sexy underwear and plot.Through sexy underwear, in terms of shaping character personality, promoting plot development, and rendering romantic atmosphere, sexy underwear has made sexy underwear a beautiful and unique existence of the entire movie.


Through this introduction, we can see the reflection and innovation of sexy underwear in movies. It brings not only sexy and beautiful, but also love, sensibility and emotion.Interest underwear is the crystallization of art and fashion, and it is also an important part of a sexy life.