Sexy underwear fake chest pictures beauty

Sexy underwear fake chest pictures beauty

What is sexy underwear fake chest?

False underwear fake chest refers to a fake chest pad or filling in the underwear to create a fuller and more sexy chest effect.In modern society, more and more women want to make their chest fuller and more attractive through various ways. False underwear fake chest is one of them.

Why do women choose sexy underwear fake chest?

There are many reasons for women to choose sexy underwear.First of all, many women have small breasts, and sexy underwear fake chest can provide them with better visual effects and improve self -confidence.Secondly, fake breasts can also help women wear tighter and more sexy clothing and increase the charm of women.In addition, for some women who have undergone surgery, sexy underwear fake chest can also effectively block chest scars.

Types of sexy lingerie fake chest

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There are many types of sexy underwear fake chest. The most basic distinction is based on the material of the fake chest: silicone fake chest, sponge fake chest, and water bottle fake chest.When buying, women should choose according to their actual needs and comfort, so as not to cause discomfort.

Silicone fake chest

Silicone fake chest is also called silicone pads. It is the most widely used in the market to use the most widely used sexy underwear fake chest.Silicone fake chest has the advantages of high authenticity, good elasticity, comfortable touch, and not easy to deform.However, there is also a shortage of silicone fake chest. For example, if the fake chest is cut off, then the silicone inside will exudes and bring inconvenience.


Sponge fake chest is a fake chest pad made of foam sponge.Compared with silicone fake chest, the pseudo -chest of the sponge has higher breathability, and it is usually softer and comfortable.But if you encounter particularly humid weather or too much sweat, the pseudo -chest of the sponge may be deformed or hardened, which will affect the beauty.

Water bag fake chest

Water bag fake chest is also called water chest, which is a fake chest made of water -rich plastic film.Its advantage is that it is lighter and more breathable, but at the same time it is more likely to break, and the service life is relatively short.

How to correctly choose the fake breasts of sexy underwear?

When choosing a fake chest of sexy lingerie, women need to comprehensively consider their own needs, appearance, comfort and other aspects.Generally speaking, silicone fake breasts are suitable for people who want to be more natural, while sponge fake chest and water bag fake chest are suitable for those who want to be lighter and comfortable.

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False underwear fake chest need to pay attention to

In the process of selecting and using sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points: First of all, you must choose products with good reputation to avoid discomfort and quality problems.Secondly, pay attention to health when using, and change diligently to avoid odor.Finally, do not emphasize the "plumpness" when using it. You must follow the principles of nature and comfort to avoid improper use and cause physical discomfort.

False underwear fake chest cannot completely replace plastic surgery

Although sexy underwear fake chest can bring better visual effects to women, it cannot completely replace plastic surgery.Plastic surgery can repair the body’s own body, making it more symmetrical and more coordinated. This is an effect that cannot be achieved by the fake chest of sexy underwear.Therefore, when women choose to use sexy underwear fake chests, they also need to consider their own figures and choose the way that suits them according to actual needs.


In short, on the way to pursue beauty, every woman has their own choices and their own pursuit.As one of the options of sexy lingerie, it can provide women with more possibilities.But at the same time, we need to pay attention to health and safety during use, especially do not emphasize external appearances, but ignore their physical and mental health.