Sexy underwear and underwear temptation

Sexy underwear and underwear temptation

1 Introduction

Interest underwear and underwear are an important part of the adult product market. They fit the body and show the beautiful figure of women, making people guess and imagine beautiful things, adding a sense of mystery and excitement to love and sex.So, how to choose and use sexy underwear?

2. Size

Size is a factor that must be considered when choosing sexy underwear, because only underwear and underwear of the size can be comfortable and show the best effect.The choice of size needs to be considered according to many factors such as your height, body shape, cup, waist circumference.You can also refer to the size comparison table of each brand to avoid purchasing inappropriate sizes.

3. Material

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The material of sexy underwear and panties is also crucial because it involves wearing comfort and impact on the skin.Common materials are silk, lace, cotton, etc.If you are sensitive to your personal skin, it is best to choose cotton or non -irritating materials. Do not choose the material that stimulates the skin too much.

4. Style and color

Style and color are two important parts of sexy underwear and underwear. Through different styles and colors, different atmosphere and effects can be created.Under normal circumstances, black, red and white are more popular colors, while lace, leopard and grid are more popular styles.With the right coat and shoes, the whole person can look more sexy and charming.

5. functionality

In addition to the aesthetics, sexy underwear and panties also have some functionality.For example, the tightening and enhancement of the collarbone, waist, hip, and legs make the body line more beautiful; the shaping and improvement of Rufeng, enhance the chest shape, increase women’s confidence; increase the mutual experience and passion of interest, bring more harmonyAnd satisfied sex life.

6. Maintenance

The texture of sexy underwear and panties is relatively delicate and needs to be carefully maintained.Generally speaking, you need to wash with warm water, do not use bleach and powerful cleaner.After washing, dry and keep it flat to prevent deformation or scratch.

7. Match

The combination of sexy underwear and other clothing is an art, which requires you to have enough aesthetic and matching skills.Generally speaking, you can choose a shirt with see -through, thin, off -shoulder and other styles with short skirts, shorts, tight pants, etc.Of course, color and style coordination must be considered when matching.

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8. How to wear

The way to wear sexy underwear and underwear is different from ordinary underwear and underwear. The matters that need to be noted are as follows: first pull the hip rope on the back of the underwear, then put the underwear with the waist together, and slowly pull it up from the legs.Until wearing it; when wearing a bra, first adjust the shoulder strap to the appropriate position. You can adjust the size of the corset as needed as needed. Finally, close the bra and let the brach.

9. Note

When wearing sexy underwear and underwear, you need to follow some precautions: for example, do not tighten your body too much to prevent physical discomfort; do not wear sexy underwear and underwear during exercise or labor, so as not to affect your health; do not use sexy underwear for a long time., So as not to cause allergies or stimulate skin problems.

10. Summary

Interest underwear and underwear are fashionable and sexy clothing for women. They can make women more confident and charming, and provide more possibilities and fun for couples’ sexual life.When selecting and using sexy underwear, you need to consider the size, material, style and color, functionality, maintenance, matching, dressing methods, precautions, etc. to ensure the comfort and effect of wearables.I hope that every woman can buy their favorite sexy underwear and panties, and enjoy a healthy and pleasant life while enjoying beauty and sexy.