Sexy lingerie photo collection

Sexy lingerie photo collection

Sexy lingerie photo collection

1. European and American style

European and American countries have a very rich style of lingerie, and the overall style is relatively fresh and natural, revealing a unique beauty.Among them, the sexy lingerie style with lace, cotton and satin as the main fabric is popular.The design of the design is diverse, the bold tailoring and the part of the flesh highlight the sexy, vitality and personality of women.

2. Retro style

In recent years, retro sexy underwear has also become a new favorite for women.They have restored the style of underwear in the old age. By improving, they increased more fashion elements, making women’s body lines more perfect and showing an elegant temperament.Retro underwear is usually made of nylon, which is exquisitely designed to make the body more charming through exquisite tailoring.

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3. Tulle perspective

Tulle perspective is a bold design that can perfectly present the sexy of women, and it is also a challenge and adventure.This sexy underwear is usually made of soft and transparent fabric. You can see the curve and skin of the body, which is very sexy and beautiful.They are also the first choice for women who like to challenge.

4. Queen style

Queen’s style of sexy underwear represents the majesty and power of women.They usually use special materials such as cortex and PVC. The color is dull and designed with noble and elegant.Women wear them very powerful and confident, and they are the perfect combination of sexy and power.

5. Pajamas series

The sexy lingerie of the pajamas is the favorite of girlfriends or lovers. They are usually light, comfortable, and breathable, which can pull closer to women with their partners.Pajamas sex underwear is usually soft cotton or silk with soft colors. The style is simple and generous, which is suitable for daily walking.

6. Password style

Password -style sexy underwear is a mysterious and fun underwear style.They usually use mesh and lace fabrics to mix and match, using special tailoring and exposing part of enhanced visual effects, which can give people a seductive and mysterious feeling.They are also sexy underwear that they like to have freshness and excitement in sex.

7. Sweet and romantic


Sweet and romantic erotic underwear is the choice of women who want to highlight their body advantages and show girls like girls like girls.Light -colored, lace and small details are usually the main features of these sexy underwear, which will make women more charming in the process of natural and unpretentious.

8. Glory

The glittering erotic underwear is definitely the first choice for women who like to attract attention.These underwear styles usually use lit fabrics to combine diamonds and other gems, making women full of mystery and elegance, leaving a deep impression on the surroundings.

9. Deep V design

The fun underwear of Deep V design is the perfect representative of women’s sexy and self -confidence. They usually use bold tailoring, low collar and transparent fabrics, so that women’s sexy is fully demonstrated.For women who want to show sexy charm, deep V design sexy underwear is an absolutely good choice.

10. 3D tailoring

The design of the 3D tailoring lingerie can fit the female body curve to the greatest extent, showing a perfect visual effect.They usually use a smooth texture and existing elasticity to provide women with additional comfort and confidence.Especially suitable for women who want to find individuality and comfortable sexy underwear.

Whether you like soft and humble or bold, or sweet and pleasant, or if you want to challenge a variety of sexy underwear, the fun underwear market will definitely meet your various needs and preferences.The final effect depends on the true expectations and confidence in women’s hearts.