Sex underwear welfare photo

Sex underwear welfare photo

Sex underwear welfare photo


Since its birth of sexy underwear, it has been favored by the majority of couples and singles.With its sexy, unique, fashionable design style and comfortable wearing texture, it has become the best choice for many people’s unique experience in sex.

Type analysis

The style of sexy underwear is widely available, with common split types, lace, transparent, lace trim, leather, stockings, role -playing, etc.Among them, transparent and split -style sexy underwear is the most inspiring desire for sliming clothes and naked elements.

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size selection

For the selection of sexy underwear, consumers need to understand the physical condition in advance, and choose the appropriate size according to their own body shape and body.Choosing the right size can better show the body curve and make your body more beautiful and charming.

Wearing skills

Wearing sexy underwear also has certain skills.First, you need to have enough understanding of your body.Choose the right style and size is the foundation, and then choose to match accessories according to the situation to enhance the overall effect.


The situation of sexy underwear is important.It is very appropriate to choose a sexual emotional and fun underwear at the private moment between couples, but in some formal occasions, you should avoid this style of dressing and stay dignified and decent.

Brand recommendation

Internationally renowned brand Agent Provocateur, VR celebrities VS, TOP10 brand Aimerlingerie and other interesting underwear brands are favored.Of course, many domestic brands such as daily preferred and heart also have good performance.

Cleaning precautions

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The cleaning of sexy underwear also requires precautions.Generally speaking, it is hand -washing to avoid direct sunlight. Soak in water. After cleaning, you need to dry it in time to avoid drying.


Consumers need to pay attention to choosing regular merchant channels when buying sexy underwear to ensure the normal quality and size.Pay attention to the three aspects of brand, size and style when buying, especially the size of the size.


For the appreciation of sexy underwear, you need to be cultivated.It is recommended that consumers can pay more attention to industry information such as brand official website, fashion magazine, etc., learn about the latest design trends and push content, and improve their appreciation level.


In today’s era of continuous pursuit of personality and innovation, sexy underwear has become a fashionable and sexy choice.But we should not pay too much attention to the beauty of the surface, and we need to pay attention to the beauty of the bones, that is, the inner self -confidence and self -esteem.Therefore, when wearing fun underwear, you must not inferior to the appearance, but know how to show your true sexy and charm.