Sex underwear type ranking

Sex underwear type ranking

1. Net yarn erotic sheet

Net yarn sex underwear refers to underwear made of transparent mesh materials. Through the mesh, you can vaguely see the skin and enhance the fun and teasing effect.Common styles are lace mesh, mesh mesh, lace mesh, etc.

2. T -shaped pants sexy underwear

T -shaped pants erotic underwear refers to the design of the T -shaped design to separate the hip and the legs partially separated.This underwear is characterized by the sexy and release of women’s sexy needs, which is very suitable for enthusiastic and bold women.

3. Open file sexy underwear

Opening the sexy underwear is to open a hole in the key parts. It has a unique charm through this design to increase the effect of interest.Common styles are open underwear, open three -point style, open lace top, etc.

4. Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear refers to underwear with dark colors such as red and black. It is mainly composed of bra, thongs and camisole to show the beautiful curve of women. It is one of the most sexy underwear that can release women.

5. Furry Funwear Underwear

Furdy and sexy underwear refers to underwear made of soft glutinous plush, mainly with furry bra and furry nightdress.Furdy underwear gives a gentle and lovely feeling, which is very suitable for women who are first love or eager to be spoiled.

6. Pingkou erotic underwear

Pingkou erotic underwear is the underwear that does not open the hole but the flat -mouth underwear. This design is very suitable for women who want to create a small family jasper or atmosphere.Common styles are flat panties, flat -mouth stockings, flat -mouth jackets, etc.

7. Stockings sexy underwear

Stockings erotic underwear refers to underwear made of ultra -thin and transparent stockings material.This bright color and soft texture give people a mysterious and sexy temptation.Stockings erotic underwear can be used with various underwear to abstract limb beauty.

8. Langle sexy underwear

Honethal sexy underwear refers to a empty underwear formed by penetrating design, irregularity, and hollow.This underwear design can enhance the mystery and sexyness of the wearer and release the charm of women.

9. Double -layer breasts and sexy underwear

Double -layer breasts and sexy underwear refers to the support structures such as sponge, steel, skeleton, and skeleton to create a perfect chest curve to achieve a good support effect, which is exciting.

10. Tighter sexy underwear

Tight -fitting underwear refers to the underwear made of tight -fitting materials, which can be tightly attached to the skin, showing the perfect body and curve of women, making the wearer more charming and sexy.Common styles are dense clothes, bikini underwear, etc.


Interest underwear is a kind of passion and teasing clothing. It can not only help women release self -confidence and show sexy, but also bring a sense of freshness and excitement.When choosing sexy underwear, women should choose according to their own personality, body, style and other factors, and also notice the comfort and quality of underwear.Only in this way can we truly release the charm of sexy underwear.

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