Sex lingerie needs to wear underwear again

Sex lingerie needs to wear underwear again

Interesting underwear, why do I need to wear underwear?

Sex underwear has become more and more favored by women because they can show their charm and sexy, but some women think that it is not enough to wear sex underwear, and need to wear an ordinary underwear.So why do you need this?Let’s take a look together.

Falling underwear design

First of all, we need to know that the design concept of sexy underwear is to highlight the sexy and charm of women.The cloth used is usually soft and comfortable materials such as lace, silk, but these materials usually do not provide sufficient support.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear, women’s breasts may not look upright enough, which requires another underwear.

Double insurance, safer

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In addition to because of the sexy underwear design, wearing underwear can also provide dual insurance.When women perform exercise or activity, underwear can play a good role in supporting, protecting chest safety, and making women more confident and assured.

Underwear choice

If you choose to wear another underwear, then you need to pay attention to the choice of underwear.Choose a suitable underwear to provide better support and comfort.It is best to choose the kind of underwear and strap underwear, which can make the underwear more fit the body and play a better supporting role.

Test consideration

To choose to wear underwear, you need to consider wearing sexy underwear.If it is in public or a large amount of physical activity, wearing dual underwear may be more suitable.But if you are only at home or in private, you can only wear sexy underwear.


It also has a certain impact on whether it is necessary to wear underwear to wear a fun underwear.If you are a woman with a plump chest, wearing a sexy underwear may make the chest too full, and you need to put on underwear to adjust.But if you are a woman with not full chest, it may be enough to wear sex underwear.

Collect of underwear and sexy underwear

If you choose to wear underwear and sexy underwear at the same time, then you need to pay attention to the combination of the two.It is best to choose underwear with similar colors and similar styles, which can make the overall visual effect more harmonious.

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Color and style of underwear

In addition to paying attention to matching, it is also important to choose the color and style of underwear.In order to make the underwear unpredictable, it is best to choose a flesh color or light -colored underwear with similar colors of the sexy underwear.You can choose a V -type underwear cup, which can better set off the chest lines.

Pay attention to comfort

Wearing an underwear can not only provide support, but also improve comfort.But this also needs to pay attention to comfort. If the underwear is too tight or too loose, it will affect our comfort and even cause adverse effects on the body.Therefore, when choosing underwear, comfort also needs to be considered within the scope.


Wearing sexy underwear can show our own sexy and charm, but also need to pay attention to comfort and support.If necessary, wearing a lingerie can provide dual insurance, making us more confident and assured.