Sex lingerie Gathering

Sex lingerie Gathering

Two big stages on the chest?Sexy underwear

For women with plump breasts, how to create sexy and beautiful chest lines is particularly important.The "gathering" function of sexy underwear allows big breasts to easily solve the embarrassing situation of insufficient clothes.The following will be introduced in detail the issues that need to be paid attention to when buying a sexy underwear.

Understand the matching relationship between cups and chest shapes

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your cup size and the shape of the chest.After the different cups match the shape of different underwear, the effect is completely different.

Professional measurement of bust, accurate size purchase

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The size of the cup is one of the keys to the bras of the bra, so it is necessary to professional measurement and accurately obtain your own size.Too small cups can cause breasts to be squeezed, forming unsightly chest lines; too large cups cannot effectively gather their breasts.

Various styles of sexy underwear to choose from

Today, there are many style of sexy underwear in the market. Whether it is gathering or thick, it has its unique characteristics and functions.In order to achieve the best visual effect, you need to choose a style that suits you.

Multi -layer thick cup support effectively prevent expansion

Women with too large breasts are easy to encounter problems with external expansion.The sexy lingerie of multi -layer thick cups can achieve a better supporting role and effectively prevent breast expansion.

Adjustable shoulder straps to make more suitable dressing feelings

In the purchase of sexy underwear, adjustable shoulder straps are a highlight.Women of different bodies can adjust the length and elasticity of the shoulder straps according to their actual situation, and create a more comfortable dressing feeling.

The steel ring structure provides a strong guarantee for the large breast shaping

For large breast women, the steel ring structure is considered the key to enhancing the effect of the chest.Therefore, when you buy sexy underwear, remember to buy a style with a steel ring, which can create a more plump and sexy chest shape for you.


Lace lace fabric creates gorgeous texture

In the purchase of sexy underwear, fabrics also need to pay attention.For large breasts, the gathering underwear of lace lace materials is more in line with demand.It can not only effectively shape the beautiful chest shape, but also bring you gorgeous visual effects.

Black color sex lingerie, see fashion trendy

In terms of color selection, black is very popular with big breasts.Black can not only show the beautiful curve of women, but also create a more sexy and mysterious temperament for you.

With sexy underwear, achieve perfect daily wear

With the right underwear, you can also make you more perfect on daily wear.Simple coats with sexy erotic underwear and underwear, perfectly present the sexy charm of large breasts women.


Of course, how to buy, match, and wear the best effects of sexy underwear needs to be selected according to your body, style and preferences.In the end, the effect of comfort, health, fashion, and charming is the most important.It is hoped that the content of this article can provide a certain reference and help for large breasts women when choosing sexy underwear.