Interesting underwear lines

Interesting underwear lines

Interesting underwear lines

As a special women’s underwear, sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear.As one of the important elements of sexy underwear, the lines of sex underwear have a strong visual impact and can greatly improve the sexy and charm of women.The following will introduce several types of sexy underwear lines.

1. Straight line

The linear lines are a concise and clear design style. Generally, linear and more obvious elements are decorated.The sexy underwear of this line will visually give people a simple, tough and powerful feeling, suitable for those women with personality, strong and bold temperament.

2. arc line

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Compared with straight lines, the arc lines are softer and can show the curve beauty of women’s bodies.Arc -style sexy underwear is usually designed with arch -shaped or arc elements, such as the curve of the lace, the bending of the tassel.This line of erotic underwear is suitable for those soft and gentle women.

3. Z -shaped line

Z -shaped lines are a sexual underwear line with hollow design.It usually uses a tearing or cutting method to cut the fabric or mesh part of the underwear to form a unique Z -shaped line.This line of erotic underwear is suitable for women with independent personality and distinctive personality.

4. Symmetrical lines

Symmetric lines are a more common sexy lingerie line.It usually uses left and right symmetrical design, using the same elements to present symmetry.This line of erotic underwear is suitable for those who are disciplined and good at grasping rhythm.

5. Asymmetric lines

Contrary to the symmetrical lines, asymmetric lines emphasize irregular and imperfect beauty during design.The sexy underwear of this line will give people a feeling of nature, casual, and swaying.Suitable for women who love freedom and pursue individuality.

6. W -type line

The W -type line is a sexy underwear designed special lines in the chest and hips.It consciously arranges the curve of the underwear fabric to form by W.The effect of this line of sexy underwear is the beauty of breast enhancement and hips, suitable for women who need to emphasize the upper and lower circumference lines.

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7. T -type line

The T -type line is a T -shaped sex lingerie line that focuses on the waist, hips and other places.The erotic underwear of this line has the effect of emphasizing the waist and hip curve, suitable for women with beautiful waist and hip lines.

8. X -type line

X -type lines are a sexual underwear line that symbolizes the perfect state of the peak.It shows the X -shaped through the cross design of the T -shaped bracket and the corset strap on the underwear.This line of erotic underwear has the effect of highlighting the chest and waist and hip lines, suitable for those who are well -proportioned women.

9. U line

U -shaped lines are a sexy underwear designed U -shaped lines on the chest.It can effectively shape the curve of the breast, making the breasts look more plump and sexy.This lines of erotic underwear are suitable for women who are not too big but they hope to emphasize the chest line.

10. V -type line

The V -type lines usually show V -shaped shapes with sharp angles, while the application on sexy underwear is mainly on the chest.The design of this line of erotic underwear will make the chest look plump and upright, suitable for women who want to highlight the upper lines.

Viewpoint: The line design of sexy underwear is essential for the beautiful display of women’s bodies.Choosing sexy liquid lines suitable for your body and personality style can make women more confident and beautiful.