Interesting underwear intellectual property protection cases

Interesting underwear intellectual property protection cases

What is sexy underwear intellectual property protection

The style of sexy underwear is unique and well -designed, so many brands use intellectual property protection to ensure the legitimacy of its innovative design.Interesting underwear intellectual property protection mainly includes three aspects: patent, trademark and copyright.

Interesting underwear intellectual property protection cases

In South Korea, a sexy underwear brand named Cocomino has been imitated. Their iconic main product "Cat Back Landwear" is imitated by other brands.Cocomino successfully brought the counterfeit to court through intellectual property protection and won the case.

Interesting underwear patent protection

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The sexy underwear design scheme meets the conditions of the patent law and can apply for a patent.Patent applications can cover the design, structural design, and material composition of the product.The main purpose of patent applications is to protect intellectual property rights and prevent others from copying or selling similar products without permission.

Sex underwear trademark protection

Trademarks ensure that consumers can identify a brand when buying sexy underwear, so trademark protection is critical.Trademarks can be registered, and they can be authorized to use after being registered.The advantage of trademark registration is that it can eliminate confusion with other brand names and make the brand easier to identify.

Interesting underwear copyright protection

Like other creative design products, sexy underwear can also apply for copyright.Copyright can be protected for patterns, graphics, shape, color and other aspects.The important role of copyright is that within its validity period, it can restrict consumers and opponents in the use of innovative design.

The dangers of sexy lingerie imitation and counterfeit products

The popularity of sexy lingerie imitation products is leading to huge losses for customers and brand owners.Calm products will not only reduce brand reputation, but also harm consumers’ interests, poison the brand image of brand merchants.

How to prevent sexy lingerie from imitation and counterfeit products

Brand vendors can use the following measures to prevent sexy lingerie from imitation:

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Protect intellectual property rights, apply for patents, trademarks, and copyrights to limit counterfeit products.

Raise consumer awareness, inform consumers how to identify genuine products, and reduce the risk of buying counterfeit products.

Establish a professional rights protection mechanism to actively combat and maintain the intellectual property of the brand.

The prospect of sexy underwear intellectual property protection

In the next few years, the protection of intellectual property rights of sex underwear will be more important.With the improvement of national laws and regulations and deepening the industry’s self -discipline, the protection of interest underwear intellectual property rights will be more effective.


Intellectual property protection of sex underwear is an inevitable choice to safeguard consumer interests and brand commercial interests.Brand merchants should fully understand the importance of intellectual property protection and actively take measures to prevent and confront them.