Interesting underwear fat 130 pounds

Interesting underwear fat 130 pounds

How do I choose a sexy underwear that suits them?

Interest underwear allows women to increase self -confidence and show their sexy charm.But for girls with a fat 130 catties, they seem to need more skills when choosing sexy underwear.

1. Choose the style of loosening and adaptive

For girls with 130 pounds, choosing a loose and tight style can avoid tight underwear to excess fat.Therefore, you can choose some sexy lingerie styles with looseness and not easy to overflow, such as loose hoods or stitching style conjoined underwear.

2. Choose a strong material

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It is also important to choose supporting materials, which can make girls with 130 pounds have better support and shaping effects.Selecting a thick sexy underwear will be better, so as not to look very obvious.For example, there are some styles of underwear with lining, which can help shape.

3. Choose high waist style style

High -waisted erotic underwear can play a effect of modifying the belly. For example, choosing high -waisted underwear can play a good abdomen effect, covering the part that does not want to display.

4. Select the right style of color and flower type

For girls with 130 pounds, it is also critical to choose a suitable style and pattern.You need to master color matching and style choices so that you can highlight your advantages.You can choose some pure -colored styles of sexy underwear, or the style of small flowers cut. These are more suitable for girls with 130 pounds.

5. Choose chest shaping style

For girls with 130 pounds, many sexy lingerie styles choose too gorgeous designs or take the bundle route, but this style is obviously not suitable for fat women, choose some styles that can shape the chest or wrapped.Chest underwear is a better choice.

6. Choose the right size

For girls with 130 pounds, they must choose the right size.Too tight or too large underwear will leave a bad impression, so when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to measure your clothes and choose underwear suitable for your physical condition.


7. Select the style suitable for the occasion

Not all occasions are suitable for wearing sexy underwear, so you must also consider it according to different occasions when choosing underwear.For girls with 130 pounds, because of their special physical condition, they need to pay more attention to their choices and cannot choose matching and occasions at will behind others.

8. Choose a brand that suits you

It is also important to choose a brand that suits you.Different brands have different design concepts and are suitable for different people, so selecting brands must also be considered.


For girls with 130 pounds, there are a lot of methods and skills needed when choosing sexy underwear.When choosing, you should consider many factors such as your physical condition, occasions, brands, etc. Do not just consider the gorgeousness of the appearance, but pay attention to self -feelings.