How to buy sexy underwear for slave girls


Interest underwear is no longer a symbol of passion and joke. Now they have become a symbol of confidence and elegance, and many women want to try it.However, for novices, choosing the right sexy underwear may feel a little difficult, especially for the details that affect the experience and the choice of clothing materials, and may not know much.Then, let’s answer how to buy sex and sexy underwear for you.

Know your body

Before buying a sexy underwear, you need to understand your body so that you can choose the appropriate size and style.First of all, you can measure yourself, such as measuring bust, waist, hips, etc., and then check the size tables on the brand website to ensure that you buy a suitable size.In addition, you also need to consider choosing a style that suits your body, and in the process, you will have a better understanding of your body.

Consider material

The material of sexy underwear is a very important factor. It will not only affect your comfort and experience, but also affect your skin.Natural fibers are more comfortable than artificial fibers, and they have better breathability and sweat absorption.If you have any questions about the choice of fabrics, you can refer to the detailed instructions on the product page, which will list the advantages and disadvantages of each fabric in detail to help you choose the appropriate material.

Consider style

Choosing a style is very important because it determines the appearance effect of the underwear and your own feelings.In addition, different styles can also emphasize some parts of your body or more comfortable.For example, if you want to emphasize your chest, you can choose a style with lace lace or filling a cup.If you want to maintain uniqueness, you can try some special styles, such as splitting, pantyhose or bud.

Consider color

Color is an important element that affects the appearance effect of your underwear.When considering color, you should choose the color that you think is the most matched with your skin color to ensure that it can show the best results.In addition, you can also consider your favorite color and high -quality brand color to ensure that the color of the underwear is very well matched with your body.

Choose a classic style

If you are the first time you try sexy underwear, we recommend that you choose a classic style.These styles are usually mature, elegant, and are very suitable for most of the figure.When you choose a classic style, please be careful not to be too exaggerated or too narrow, otherwise you may feel uncomfortable.

Before shopping

Before buying a sexy lingerie, please check the brand’s retirement policy in order to be convenient to replace it under the case that you buy inappropriate underwear.In addition, you should spend time to view the comments so that you can better understand the feelings of other consumers.It is best to choose a company with good quality and high brand reputation to ensure that you get high -quality goods and the best customer service.

Try to penetrate and optimize details

Some detail optimization may have an impact on your dress experience. You should try to wear, adjust the pantyhose that suits you, the underwear style that is suitable for your underwear style, and so on.If necessary, you can also add more highlights to underwear, such as earrings, neck chains, bracelets, etc., making your overall effect more outstanding.

Sexy underwear matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to consider the matching of underwear and other accessories.You can choose a chest sticker or Nipple Cover to ensure that you can get a better experience in specific occasions.

Pay attention to maintenance

Some sexy underwear needs special maintenance, so you need to know how to better maintain.For most sexy underwear, we recommend that you wash it under warm water and dry it with a soft towel to avoid using hot water, bleach and dryer.

Recommended Brand

Here, we hope to recommend some high -quality brands, such as Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Victoria’s Secret, ELLE MACPHERSON, Calvin Klein, etc.These brands are excellent in many aspects such as quality, design, and cost -effectiveness. It is the best choice for you to buy sexy underwear.


When buying sexy underwear, remember that underwear is tailored for you. You need to choose a style that suits your body and preference.Choose cautious when buying, wait patiently when trying underwear, and don’t rush to achieve success.Eventually choosing a suitable sexy underwear will definitely make you feel more confident and elegant.

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