2 Taobao opening a shop sells sexy underwear

1. Funeral underwear market overview

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear with special use, suitable for sex occasions between couples or husbands and wives.In recent years, with the pursuit of quality of life, the sexy underwear market has gradually emerged.According to data, the size of China’s sexy underwear market increased from 14 billion yuan in 2015 to 36 billion yuan in 2018, and it still has a tendency to continue to grow in the future.Therefore, opening sex underwear shops has become a choice for more and more people.

2. Select sexy underwear brand

Before opening a sexy underwear shop, you must first choose the right brand.You should choose a brand that has a certain reputation in the market, and a better brand represents better product quality.You can refer to the sales of major e -commerce platforms, evaluations and reputation, and then choose with their own actual situation.

3. Choose a suitable sales platform

Choosing a suitable sales platform can better promote sexy underwear stores, and you can also get more traffic and orders.In China, Taobao is one of the largest online retail platforms. You can choose to open Taobao stores to sell sexy underwear.In addition, Pinduoduo and JD.com can also choose.

4. Quota underwear shop business license application

To open a sexy underwear shop requires relevant certificates.First of all, you need to apply for a business license.When submitting materials, you need to pay attention to the relevant filing procedures for some sensitive products.

5. The skills to improve the exposure of the store

The store exposure is the index of public display in the platform, and has high exposure to attract more customers.The techniques for improving store exposure include search engine optimization, promotion, and quality description.In these optimization methods, after many experiments, high -quality descriptions have become an important way to improve store exposure.

6. Inventory management of sexy underwear shops

Store inventory management is an important part of opening the store.According to market changes and product sales, reasonably prepare inventory to avoid products with too much backlog.During the sales period, maintain a reasonable inventory and purchase in time.

7. Customer after -sales service

Good customer after -sales service is a required condition for a successful store.Establish a comprehensive after -sales service system, including return and exchange services, consulting services, etc. High customer satisfaction can increase customer retention and conversion rates.

8. Constantly update excellent products

To open a sexy underwear shop, it needs to be continuously updated and constantly pushing out new products.After being recognized by consumers, it should also be continuously updated and optimized according to market demand to meet the wider customer group.

9. Store brand image construction

Establishing a store brand image is the focus of long -term operation.Through a good image, attract more customers and improve trust.Therefore, the name of the store, LOGO, store introduction, customer evaluation, etc. should pay attention to details, creating the brand’s characteristics and style.

10. How to overcome competitors

Opening a sexy underwear shop is facing a fierce competitive environment.The advantages and shortcomings of competitors need to be understood and analyzed.It can defeat competitors in terms of price, quality, service, and publicity advertisements, thereby increasing market share and profits.

Viewpoint: The opening of sexy underwear stores requires regular information such as technology, market trends, and consumer demand to pay attention to image and after -sales service, so as to achieve stable profit.

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