Women’s style of sexy underwear open

The function of women’s sexy underwear opening

Women’s sexy underwear is a special underwear, which is usually used for sexy or romantic occasions.Operation is a common design element in women’s sexy underwear, which can bring additional sexy and surprising effects.The following is the function of women’s sexy underwear opening:

Improve sexuality

The design of the women’s sexy underwear opening can expose some skin and make women more sexy and charming.Especially in the opening of key parts, such as cleavage, waist, hip, etc., women can show women with seductive curves.

Increase the surprise effect

The opening design of women’s sexy underwear is often used with other elements, such as lace, hollow, etc., making the overall shape of the underwear more distinctive.Operation can also be designed as irregular shapes, increasing surprises and changes, and increasing the fun of wearers and observer.


The opening design can also be convenient to wear and take off to a certain extent.For some more complicated sexy underwear, such as restraint and bodies underwear, opening can make the wearer easier or take off.

Express self -confidence and liberation

When women wear sexy underwear, they often face some bondage related to culture, morality, social concepts.The opening design makes women feel more free and liberated, and they are more autonomous and confident when choosing to wear.

Suitable for multiple occasions

The design of women’s sexy underwear opening can be adjusted for different occasions and needs.For example, in some occasions that need to be worn, the design of the opening can be more subtle or vague; and in private occasions, opening can be more obvious and teasing.

Experience different wear feelings

The design of the women’s sexy underwear opening allows the wearer to experience different dressing feelings.For example, wearing other underwear under some open underwear can increase the sense of layering and comfort.

Consider different personal preferences

The design of the women’s sexy underwear opening can well consider the personal preferences and needs of different wearers.The wearer can choose different types of opening design according to his aesthetics and physical condition.

While highlighting personality, focus on keeping warm

Some women may worry that the design of the opening will reduce the warmth of sexy underwear.However, in fact, the opening design of some sexy underwear can ensure warmth and highlight the sexy and personality of women.

Adjust and modify the body shape

The design of the women’s sexy underwear opening can adjust and modify the body’s form to a certain extent.For example, the design of the chest opening can improve the chest shape, and the hip opening can help adjust the hip lines.


The design of women’s sexy underwear opening is a good design element that can bring multiple functions and effects.When choosing to wear, the wearer should choose according to their preferences and needs to achieve the best sexy effect.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the selection and dressing of the size to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the wear.

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