Will your girlfriend wear a sexy underwear?

Why is my girlfriend unwilling to wear sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, I often hear such a problem: Will my girlfriend wear sexy underwear?Many male friends want to increase interest and excitement in bed, but their girlfriends don’t want to try.This situation is very common. What is the reason to cause the girlfriend’s dislike?

Cultural and traditional influence

First, the impact of culture and tradition is a factor.Some women come from traditional families, so they may feel that wearing sexy underwear involves the rules and moral standards with the family.In this case, girlfriend may feel uncomfortable or shameful, and it is easy to refuse such proposals.

Self -consciousness of the body

Another factor is the self -consciousness of the body.Especially when wearing a small amount of clothing, my girlfriend may be shy or unconfident.At the same time, they are worried that some erotic underwear is not suitable for their body shape, or there will be unexpected size problems, so that they will have an unpleasant experience.

Sexual experience and sexual concept

Another factor is sexual experience and sexual concepts.Girlfriends may be more conservative in sexual experience, or they may lack interest in sexual interest, which makes it difficult for them to accept such proposals.Although this is normal, male friends should try to gradually guide their girlfriends to accept these things under the premise of respect.

How to guide girlfriends to wear sexy underwear

So, how should you guide if you want your girlfriend to wear a fun underwear?First of all, communication is essential.Listen to his girlfriend’s voice and understand their concerns and discomfort.At the same time, let them clearly understand the reasons and motivations for you to wear sexy underwear.

Choose suitable sexy lingerie styles

At the same time, when choosing sexy underwear, male friends should listen to their girlfriends, not arbitrarily.It is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends and styles.At the same time, if your girlfriend is still uncomfortable to wear these underwear, you can choose to gradually advance, and start with simple and comfortable styles.

Increase your girlfriend’s self -confidence and sense of security

Another technique is to improve your girlfriend’s self -confidence and sense of security.Male friends can use gentle and comfortable language to encourage their girlfriends so that they feel beautiful and sexy.At the same time, male friends can also show more gentle and considerate, increasing the sense of security of their girlfriends.

Create a romantic atmosphere

Creating a romantic and relaxed atmosphere is also very important.Male friends can prepare some pleasant scenes, such as candlelight dinner or massage to enhance the relaxation and joy of girlfriends.This warm atmosphere can promote the comfort and relaxation of girlfriends, making it easier for them to try new things.

Psychologically help your girlfriend more help

The last skill is to psychologically help his girlfriend.For those girlfriends who are conservative in physical self -consciousness or sexual experience, male friends can patiently guide them to understand and accept these things.In principle, you must first respect the feelings and opinions of your girlfriend.Through encouragement and support, they feel that they are understood and supported and they are more willing to accept these things.

my point of view

In summary, it is a relatively complicated task to guide girlfriends to wear fun underwear, but it is not impossible.The most important point is to respect the opinions and feelings of girlfriends, communicate, choose suitable clothes, and create a pleasant and warm atmosphere.If you have the patience and support of the above skills, your girlfriend will eventually accept the idea of wearing a sexy underwear, and you will feel confident and sexy as you.

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