Will you dive in sex underwear?

What you need to know before shooting sex underwear

In today’s society, the market demand for sex underwear is getting greater and greater. Therefore, many women choose models or take photos of sexy underwear by themselves to show their charm and achieve better sales results.But there are many things you need to know before shooting underwear.

Choose the right underwear style

When taking photos of sexy underwear, you must first choose the right underwear style. The suitable underwear style of women with different figures and styles is also different.For example, women with large chests can choose some supporting and tightening underwear, and women with small chests can choose some underwear with filling and enlarged effects.

Choose a good color matching

Color is an important element of sexy underwear, and the significance of different colors is also different.When taking photos of sexy underwear, in addition to the suitable style, the color matching should also be appropriate, showing your most beautiful side.

Choice of taking pictures and scenes

The choice of taking pictures and scenes is also important.If you shoot at home, it is best to choose a beautiful room and place some flowers or corresponding background decorations to increase the beauty of the picture.If you choose an outer shooting, you can choose some places such as parks, beaches and other places with beautiful environment, and can not only take care of the privacy of the models and photographers, but also make the picture more natural and dynamic.

How to ensure the effect and quality of shooting

Whether you take photos of sexy underwear or ask photographers to shoot, you must ensure the shooting effect and quality.Before shooting, you can make makeup, adjust your posture and shooting angle to fully show the effect of underwear.At the same time, you can also take multiple photos to select the best one as the ultimate effect.

How to protect your privacy

When taking photos of sexy underwear, women need to protect their privacy, especially when uploading photos on the Internet.When choosing a photographer, choose a reputable and experienced photographer, and sign the confidentiality agreement to ensure that his privacy will not be leaked.

How to avoid over -repairing when uploading photos

Excessive trimming will make the photo lose authenticity and affect the sales effect.When uploading photos, women must choose the appropriate picture repair method, only proper modification, and do not excessively beautify or change the main structure of the photo.

How to ensure the copyright of the photo

When taking photos of sexy underwear, women need to pay attention to copyright issues.If you are taken by yourself, you need to save the negatives and copyright copy of the photo to protect your legitimate rights and interests.If you are asked by photographers to take photos, you must stipulate the copyright ownership and maintenance responsibilities in the contract.

Will shoot sex underwear be dived?

Many women will consider whether they will be considered to be the porn industry when they choose photos of sexy underwear, and will it affect their future.In fact, in the absence of protecting your privacy, maintaining the copyright of photos, and not doing excessive renovation, shooting erotic underwear will not only be dived, but also enhance women’s self -confidence and charm.


Photos of sexy underwear can not only show your beauty, but also promote underwear sales and women’s self -confidence.However, before shooting, you need to choose the right underwear style, color matching and camera scene to ensure the quality of the photo, and pay attention to protecting your privacy and copyright issues, and do not over -repair.In the end, shooting sexy underwear will not be dived, and women can rest assured that they will show their most beautiful side.

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