Will you be disgusted when you buy a sexy underwear?


Many women choose to buy sexy underwear when pursuing sexy and flirting experiences.But for some husbands and wives, this may cause her husband’s resentment and discomfort.This article will explore the impact of women’s purchase of sexy underwear and how to balance the needs of both parties.

Know your partner

Before deciding to buy sexy underwear, it is important to understand your partner’s attitude.If he feels embarrassed or uneasy, then you may need to review your decision again.If your partner supports you, you can choose to strengthen sexy to improve the sexual life of the two.

Buy suitable style

It is very important to buy a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Before buying, you must fully understand the style of love lingerie and your physical condition.If you don’t know your size, don’t guess, but directly measure and consult professionals.

Respect your partner

It is very important to respect your partner.If your partner doesn’t like you to buy sexy underwear, you better give up your thoughts temporarily.Tell your partners to your thoughts and necessary explanations, understand their concerns and seek compromise is a better way.

Use sexy underwear at the right time and place

When using sex underwear, time and place are factor that need to be considered.If you use sexy underwear in public, it will make you and your partner look unqualified.On the contrary, choosing to use erotic underwear at a certain time and place, such as at home or safe nightclubs, will give you a better experience in you and your partner.

Communication is the key

When deciding to use sexy underwear, communication is very important.Breaking the silence and always maintaining open and honest dialogue will help the two partners understand each other, and at the same time increase the intimacy between you.

Consider the needs of the other party

When you decide to buy sexy underwear, considering the needs of the other party is also an important factor.Understanding the sexual preferences and reactions of partners, and what interesting underwear is interested in, these are key factors that help you create a better experience for each other.

Understanding sex and sexy is different

If your partner does not support sexy underwear, you can also try to develop other habits that make sex more pleasant.For example, increase attention and care, increase intimacy, and even create a more romantic sexual experience.Sexy and sex are different concepts, ensuring that your partner understands this will be very helpful.

Accept yourself and respect others

The most important thing is to accept and respect others.If your partner doesn’t like to buy sexy underwear, you can’t force him to accept it.On the contrary, seeking another way to enhance the intimacy between you will be more meaningful and long.

in conclusion

Before deciding to buy sexy underwear, you need to consider your opinions with your partner.Balance your needs and the needs of the other party, respect the other party’s feelings, and explore the new sexual experience will make the relationship between the two more intimate and healthy.

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