Will physical stores sell sexy underwear?


With the development of the Internet, more and more people have chosen to buy sexy underwear online.However, some people still prefer to buy sexy underwear in physical stores. So, will physical stores sell sexy underwear?This is a question worth exploring.

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a special women’s underwear. The biggest difference between it and ordinary underwear is its sexy and seductive design. It is suitable for sex life for couples or single women.

The status quo of sex stores selling sexy underwear

At present, some professional adults or some sex stores in China will sell sexy underwear. However, due to some cultural and moral concepts, sexy underwear is still not completely legalized in some areas.

The advantages and disadvantages of selling sexy underwear in physical stores

The advantage of selling erotic underwear in physical stores is that consumers can feel the actual effects of sexy underwear more intuitively, and can better choose the right style and size for themselves.However, there are also some disadvantages. For example, consumers may feel embarrassed and embarrassed. It is difficult for the stores to find a suitable place, and the online price is cheaper than physical stores, affecting the sales of physical stores.

How to choose a physical store to buy sexy underwear

If you want to choose a physical store to buy sexy underwear, then you should choose a professional adult product store or sex store. These stores have professional full -time salesperson who can provide you with professional suggestions and services.

Select or not, depending on personal habits

When most people choose to buy sexy underwear, they will look for it online, and the other person will choose to buy from a physical store, which is largely caused by the differences between personal habits and personality.


There are some matters that need to be paid attention to whether you choose to buy online or buy sexy underwear.The first is the quality problem. Don’t just care about the low price pursuit. You must choose a product of formal channels, and do not try to use damaged or obvious problems with problems.The second is personal hygiene issues. After buying sexy underwear, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to avoid breeding bacteria and affecting health.

Point of view

Whether choosing to buy online or going to a physical store to buy sex underwear has its own advantages and disadvantages, the final choice should be made according to personal habits and actual conditions.But no matter which method we choose, we need to take this issue carefully, comply with relevant regulations, and pay attention to personal privacy and hygiene.

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