Why don’t you take off your sexy underwear?

No need to take off the erotic underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Its design intention is to increase interest and irritating sex.Many people think that it is just a costume and needs to be removed before sex.However, in fact, sexy underwear can be kept in the process of sex.The following is the reason why some fun underwear do not need to take off:

Improve sexual stimulus

Interest underwear is designed to increase sexual stimuli.They can irritate sexual sex experience by increasing sexuality, covering privacy, changing color tones or materials.If you keep sexy underwear in the process of sex, they can still stimulate the sensory experience of both parties.

Keep the temperature

In the process of sex, our body usually emits calories.If you take off your sexy underwear, your body will become cooler and more difficult to recover the heat.By retaining erotic underwear, they can help us maintain body temperature and be easier to return to sexual stimulation.

increase confidence

Putting on sex underwear, whether in sex or usual, can enhance our confidence.If you keep sexy underwear in the process of sex, you can challenge some new skills or positions more assured.

Increase the atmosphere

Reserved sex underwear can increase the atmosphere and theme of sex.They can not only increase interest, but also increase visual and emotional stimuli.This can help us better enter the role and state of sex.

Avoid destroying the scene

Sometimes, we cannot move sex underwear during sexual intercourse.This may be due to the restrictions of the scene, such as in public or under certain circumstances.If you can retain sexy underwear during sexual intercourse, they can provide you with fun and stimulation without destroying sex.

Do not affect the process of sex

Reserved erotic underwear can avoid unnecessary interruption or interference.You don’t need to spend a long time to remove underwear, which can maintain the coherence and liquidity of sex.

Save time and energy

Reserved sex underwear can also help you save time and energy.You don’t need to interrupt sex to take off your underwear or put on new underwear, you can put more time and energy into sex itself.

Increase sex frequency

Reserved erotic underwear makes it easier for you to reach orgasm in the process of sex.This can help you increase the frequency and lasting time of sex.

Easy to clean after sex

If you keep sexy underwear in the process of sex, you can be easier to clean after sex.This can also avoid unnecessary troubles or troubles.

in conclusion

Reserved erotic underwear can bring multiple benefits in the process of sex.Of course, in some cases, you may need to take off your sexy underwear, but in most cases, wearing sexy underwear can be retained during sex.No matter what method you choose, the most important thing is to ensure that you and your partner are satisfied and happy.

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