Where should I throw sex underwear?

(Note: This article is for reference only. If there are specific questions about sexy underwear, please consult relevant departments or professional institutions)

Where should I throw sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a private item. Once it is used, it is really troublesome to deal with.Not only need to consider hygienic problems, but also the classification of waste products, and how to protect personal privacy.Let me introduce how to deal with sexy underwear:

1. Trash bin

Underdible underwear that is not used can be placed directly into the trash can.Try to use closed trash cans to reduce the diffusion of odor and germs.If you are concerned about privacy issues, you can choose to wrap it with a black garbage bag and throw it away.

2. Personal sanitation

Some sexy underwear can be used as a personal sanitary item for a long time or used for body cleaning, such as stockings, underwear, bikini, etc. with better antibacterial properties.

3. Category recycling

If the material of the sexy underwear is mainly textiles, or other recyclable materials, it is recommended to use a classification recycling method for treatment to minimize the harm to the environment.

4. Packaging bag

Many sexy underwear products are equipped with thick plastic packaging bags. These bags can be used for processing to delay the service life of sexy underwear.

5. Burning

If you have facilities such as a burner, you may consider putting sex underwear on it and burning it, which is also a feasible way.But pay attention to safety to prevent burns or fire alarms.

6. Toilet treatment

It is not recommended to deal with sexy underwear in the toilet, because in the process of rinse, it is easy to cause the pipeline to block and affect the smooth sewer.If it is not allowed to do it, it is recommended to perform physical damage, such as cutting or tearing it before throwing it into the toilet.

7. Mailing processing

Some sexy underwear can be recycled. For example, retailers can take it back to the heavy bubbles, re -transport them back to the factory, make secondary cleaning and disinfection, and then sell it again.If you have used sexy underwear to recycle by mail, you can contact relevant websites or merchants to inquire about processing methods.

8. Local regulations

Finally, it is recommended that you follow local policies and regulations to ensure the hygiene and safety of personal hygiene and social public environment.


In terms of dealing with sexy underwear, we should try to reduce the harm to the environment as much as possible, and we should also respect personal privacy.We can choose to classify and recycle, use closed bags or specialized clothes to clean the cloth, and use the cleaning materials of outdoor clothing to be treated to achieve the dual purpose of thorough cleaning and environmental protection.

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