When a nanny wears a fun shown

Disputes caused by nanny wearing sexy lingerie

Recently, a piece of news caused a lot of controversy. When a nanny was wearing sexy underwear when picking up children, it caused parents’ dissatisfaction.This incident has caused us to think about whether sexy underwear is suitable in public.

Interesting underwear and private relationship

Sex underwear is designed to increase sex, which is often used in private occasions.However, there are some problems in public places.

Falling underwear display method

Sexy underwear usually uses sexy materials such as lace and velvet to show women’s charm and sexy.But display in public may give people excessive temptation and discomfort.

Dressed in appropriate occasions

Interest underwear should be worn on a suitable occasion, such as a private moment between husband and wife.In public, wearing should be comfortable, fit, and warmth, and should not pay attention to excessive sexy factors.

Occupational specifications of nanny dressing

As a junction profession, you should follow the career specifications of dress to ensure service quality and customer satisfaction.And the wearing of sexy underwear may cause unnecessary contradictions and controversy.

Personal choice of sexy underwear

Everyone has their own lifestyle and choice, and the wearing of sexy underwear should also be within the scope of personal choice.However, in specific occasions, you should restrain your desire. When using in public, pay attention to the feelings and civilized etiquette of the people around you.

Different cultural backgrounds

People with different cultural backgrounds may have different understanding and acceptance of sexy underwear. For some Western countries, sexy underwear is more common in public places.But in China, in cultural traditions, the concepts of private and conservatives are even more common.

Social morality weighing

Social moral concepts play an important role in people’s lives, and the dress in public should also take into account the factors of social ethics.Everyone’s behavior must be balanced between social morality and individual choices.

Balance of rights and responsibilities

While personal freedom and rights, responsibilities and public interests need to be considered.Personal choices should be carried out without harming others, which is a process of balanced rights and responsibilities.


The problem of sexy underwear involves multiple aspects of personal choice, cultural tradition, social ethics, and public interest.With social moral norms, avoid unnecessary contradictions and controversy to others.

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