What will Taobao buy sexy underwear?

What do Taobao buy sexy underwear to get?

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao, in addition to buying your favorite products, often get some small gifts.So, what will Taobao get on Taobao to buy sexy underwear?The following will be introduced in detail for you.

1. Classic small gift

Many sexy underwear merchants will be paired with classic small gifts, such as small bags, fragrant candles, red wine glass, etc. These small gifts allow you to have more gain feelings in addition to buying.

2. Try to install or sample

In order to make you better choose the product, many merchants will wear trial clothes or samples in the order. After purchasing, you can try it, such as the trial installation of cosmetics, moisturizing and exposed samples, etc., and sexy underwear will send a little red or lubricant.These small test products allow you to confirm whether it is suitable for you, but also a little more fun.

3. Coupon or cash deduction vouchers

Many merchants will send coupons or cash deductible vouchers in the order. You can use it according to the activity sent with the order, or you can use it at the next shopping, so that you can buy more preferential products.

4. Exquisite packaging boxes

In order to make you more satisfied and "face", many merchants will deliver exquisite packaging boxes when delivering the goods. Not only are they beautiful and generous, they can also protect the products well. After you buy your favorite erotic underwear, it is perfect as bright as bright.Save.

5. Victoria’s Secret Small Gift

If you are a hardcore fan of Victoria on Taobao, then you will be surprised to find that other brands often bring Victoria’s secret related small gifts, such as lipsticks, bath liquids, perfumes, etc. Although it is not the secret of Victoria, butThey dare to try and unique ways to make your shopping interesting and surprise.

6. Lottery opportunities

Some sexy underwear merchants will give away the chance of drawing lottery in random orders. After shopping, not only can you get your favorite products, but also the opportunity to get free high -quality products. This will not only stimulate your desire to buy, but also challenge your good luck.

7. Ceremony

If you shop regularly or often in a sexy underwear merchant, most of them will give some more intimate small items in random orders, such as sexual balloons, sex dice, etc. Although these gifts are not large, they can just make you feel early in advance.The atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.

8. Total order discount

When your order amount exceeds a certain number, merchants usually provide additional discounts. For example, when the order amount reaches 100 yuan, the merchant can discount an additional 20 yuan, which increases our desire to buy or save a little money.Essence

9. Later care service

Some sexy underwear merchants provide post -care services, such as after -sales service, pre -sale consultation, maintenance, etc.Merchants on Taobao generally provide online customer service. You can quickly answer according to your questions. If you have any questions, you can contact the merchant in time.

10. Gift package

On Taobao, the sexy underwear of free shipping usually brings a few small gifts, and the situation will decide whether to send a gift package when delivery.Sometimes you buy a larger order, and the merchant will also give gift packages, which are filled with various small gifts, such as soap, small mirrors, hairpins, keychains, etc., so that you can also have an independent show.Humanistic.


Buy sexy underwear on Taobao, in addition to providing customers with convenience that is different from physical stores, it can also give away a variety of small gifts.Some of these small gifts are standard, and some are specially designed by many businesses to improve the user experience. They can even stimulate our healthier attitude.Shopping can not only buy goods, but also constantly get a pleasant experience. These small gifts make fun underwear is not only an object -oriented choice, but also at any time to add interesting, nostalgia and even mysterious colors to life.

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