What to do if you hate sex underwear?

Why hate erotic sheets

Everyone likes different preferences. Some girls may find interesting underwear very interesting, while some girls expressed disgust about them.If you are a girl who hates sexy underwear, then you may need to know some reasons. These reasons may be::

I feel that the sexy underwear is too exposed

I feel that the sexy underwear is too sexy or implied sexual behavior

Not used to wearing such underwear

I don’t like the design or style of sexy underwear

How to refuse the gift of sexy underwear

If your partner or friend gives you a sexy underwear, but you don’t want it, then there are several appropriate ways to reject:

Frankly tell the other party you don’t like sexy underwear

Refuse it by declined a gift

It is recommended that the other party buy other gifts

How to communicate with a partner who likes sexy underwear

If your partner likes sexy underwear, but you don’t like it, what should I do?This may cause disputes or confusion, but the following methods may be helpful:

Communicate your feelings and ideas frankly with your partner

Try to increase the mutual understanding between you and your partner

It is recommended to discuss with your partner and try to choose a transition underwear style

Choose the underwear that suits you

It is very important to choose underwear that is suitable for you. The following are some suggestions for choosing underwear:

Choose the style and size that suits you

Pay attention to the material and comfort of the underwear

Avoid buying too exposed and sexy underwear

How to overcome the difficulties in underwear

Sometimes, even if you choose the right underwear, you will still encounter some difficulties. The following are some solutions:

Use the correct way to wear

Avoid choosing inappropriate size

Choose comfortable materials

Ask the advice from professionals

Greepranting the scope

If you only choose traditional underwear styles before, instead of sexy underwear, then you may try some new underwear styles to broaden the range of choice.

Improve your self -confidence

Underwear should not just appreciate your partner, it should also make you feel confident and beautiful.Here are some ways to improve your self -confidence:

Choose a underwear that makes yourself feel confident and comfortable

Practice a good posture and posture

Try to avoid self -criticism

Let the underwear become your own

When you choose a underwear that suits you and make it your own, the following are some methods:

Gradually used to wearing underwear

Match underwear into your own style

Enjoy the process of wearing underwear


When you hate sexy underwear, don’t force yourself to wear them.Instead of feeling uncomfortable in the inappropriate underwear, it is better to choose the style and style of your own underwear, and feel confident and comfortable for your body and yourself.

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