What should I do if I dare not wear sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is a fashion and cultural phenomenon in modern life. It plays an important role in stimulating people’s sexual interests and improving inner self -confidence.However, many women feel uncomfortable and embarrassing about wearing fun underwear, and cannot show their sexy charm in front of lover or the other half.So, how should we solve this problem?

Know your body

To solve the problem of uncomfortable wearing erotic underwear, women should first understand their own shape, including their height, weight, and figure type.Because you can only show your sexy only by choosing a suitable sexy underwear based on your own shape.

Master the basic style

In addition to body factors, women also need to understand the basic styles, materials, and colors of love underwear, which can make them better choose a sexy underwear that suits them.For example, black lace sexy underwear is a relatively classic style, which is very suitable for women with slim figures.

Comfort is the key

Not only a sense of fashion and appearance, the comfort of sexy underwear is also a standard for testing women.Choosing the right underwear material and size can make women feel comfortable and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear, thereby improving their confidence and sexy charm.

Pay attention to details and accessories

Details and accessories such as suspenders, shoulder straps, buttons, etc. of sexy underwear are also factor that women need to consider.A good quality and exquisite design of sexy underwear often pay attention to the processing of these details and accessories, so that women are more sexy and charming when wearing.

With the right clothing

Interest underwear is not only a charming underwear, but also a fashion accessory.Women should learn how to match sexy underwear with appropriate clothing to achieve better results.For example, it can be matched with a single product such as sexy underwear and sweaters to show casual sexy.


When a woman chooses a sexy underwear that suits them and wears, they need to enhance their confidence and self -esteem.The balance of physical and mental self -confidence can make women feel comfortable and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear, and more calm and smooth in showing their sexy charm.

Prepare more

Whether you need to increase your confidence when choosing a sexy underwear or wearing, women need to prepare more.For example, you can do more yoga or physical training before wearing a fun underwear to enhance the flexibility and beauty of the body.

Enjoy the process

Even if women feel difficult and discomfort in sexy underwear, they should enjoy the dressing process.From the purchase to the matching, all the processes should become their opportunity to show themselves and strengthen self -confidence.


By understanding your own shape, mastering the basic style of sexy underwear, focusing on comfort and details, matching appropriate clothing, enhancing confidence, making more preparations and enjoying the process, etc.question.Believe in yourself, you can be a sexy representative!

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