What should I do if I buy a real name for sex underwear?


When buying sexy underwear, many people face an embarrassing problem -filling in the real name.Because many people will feel that filling in the name is a bit shy and difficult, and filling in the pseudonym may cause the trouble of logistics distribution.

Why is it troublesome to fill in the name

The trouble of filling the name is mainly: First, sexy underwear is considered a private item with a certain amount of privacy; second, some logistics companies will use the real name of the customer as the name of the consignee to distribute it, resulting in the customer inIt may encounter embarrassment when receiving the package.

Should be filled in the name or pseudonym

In fact, everyone has their own ideas and practices for filling in the name or pseudonym.If you think that filling in the real name is completely fine, you can write your real name in the receiving information; otherwise, you can use the nickname or pseudonym instead.In any way, you can choose according to your needs.

If you want to fill in the name, how to protect

If you must fill in the name, you can perform anonymous registration on the Internet, such as registering with emails, filling in new receiving addresses, etc.When filling in the order, you only need to fill in the mailbox address and the receiving address. You need to use your real name when paying.

Use the server mailbox to register

Registering using the server mailbox is a common anonymous way.You can search the anonymous mailbox provided by major email service providers on the Internet, and fill in the order information in this way.

What should I do if you enter more input

If you need to buy a number of sexy underwear at one time, filling in the pseudonym or nickname may cause the difficulty of logistics and delivery.At this time, you can fill in your real name in the order, and add some additional information to the receiving address bar, such as zip code, house number, etc., so that you can better protect your personal information.

Use temporary address and phone number

In order to avoid the embarrassment caused by filling in the name, you can use some temporary address and phone number when filling in the order.For example, you can use your friend’s address and phone number to fill in the receiving information, so that even if the logistics distributor needs to contact the consignee, it will not be troublesome to you.

It is recommended to prepare for purchase before the official order

Before ordering, it is recommended that you make enough purchase preparations.For example, search for product information on the Internet, and buy suitable products such as your own.This can ensure accuracy when filling in the order, and avoid confusion and embarrassment during filling in the process.

Choose not to remember the payment information at the checkout

When paying, it is recommended not to let your computer remember your payment information, otherwise this information may be leaked, bringing you unnecessary trouble.After the payment is completed, clear the browser data to protect the security of personal information.


When buying sexy underwear, the problem of filling the name is not solved.Different people can choose according to their preferences. As long as effective measures can be taken to protect personal information, they can avoid embarrassment and trouble caused by filling in the name.Especially when paying online, it is necessary to protect the security of personal privacy information.

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