What season is the best season for sex underwear?


Interest underwear is no longer limited to Valentine’s Day or special occasions, and now it has become part of daily underwear.It has its consumption hotspot every season, but what season is the best to sell sexy underwear?This article will answer you.


Spring is the peak season for sexy underwear.With the warming of temperature, people began to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and travel or vacations.At this time, sexy underwear has become a way for many women to pursue better neighborhood committees.The design of lace and hollowing out is very popular, and the color is more biased towards a soft and elegant style.


The peak season of sexy underwear in summer is still continuous, especially at the sexy beach party and pool party in summer.At this time, the best sexy underwear for sales is Bikini and swimsuit -style sexy underwear.The color of this season is more diversified, with both soft palettes and bolder and vivid flower print styles.


In the fall, the atmosphere of replacement of leisure in clothing has become the mainstream, and the consumption needs of sexy underwear have also declined.However, in this season, the occasion of selling sexy underwear has become more specific and targeted.For example, many women buy cats and women’s clothing or demons as the decoration of Halloween Party. In addition, Halloween and Thanksgiving are also sales channels.


In winter, the sales of sexy underwear are still very high, because Christmas is one of the periods for buying sexy underwear and gifts.Many women buy warm sexy sexy underwear, such as long stockings and thick -style sexy underwear.The color is biased towards festival elements such as red, green and gold.

Sales point for sex underwear

The function of sexy underwear is to add a sexy and confidence in special occasions or usual life.However, in terms of sexy underwear, customers have many needs.For example, some need to hide the lack of physical, some need to emphasize their advantages, and so on.Considering different needs, sexy underwear has more innovation and differentiation in design and sales, such as increasing wearing comfortable materials, expanding the choice of size, and so on.

Sexy underwear consumers group

The group of sexy underwear consumers is very extensive, from age to professional backgrounds.Most of the sexy lingerie customers are women, there are fewer men (but the number is growing), and the sales channels are also biased towards women.In addition, sexy underwear is also favored by newlyweds, couples in different places, and partners who pay attention to sex.

Falling underwear screen image

The frequency of sexy underwear in movies, television, and advertising is getting higher and higher, and it has become part of people’s awareness of adult products.More and more sexy underwear brands focus on quality performance in print advertisements and video production, so as to present higher quality pictures to their customers.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a very attractive and diverse product type, and each season has its own hotspot.With the improvement of reputation and the acceleration of the rhythm of life, the prospects of the market’s underwear market will become better and better.

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