What is the name of a collection of sexy underwear?

What is the name of a collection of sexy underwear?

As a sexy underwear expert, the store name of collecting sexy underwear is crucial for enthusiasts. The store name not only represents the concept of the store, but also is closely related to the quality and design of the product.So, what are the store names that are worthy of colorful underwear lovers?The following will take you to find out.

1. "Sidino" -The model of quality underwear

"Sidino", as a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, not only has excellent design, fabrics and workmanship, but also brings a better purchase experience to consumers with a healthy and safe concept.The word "Dino" in its store name represents both the brand’s concept and also reflects the brand’s spirit of continuous pursuit of innovation.

2. "Beautiful Underwear" -The one -stop sexy underwear shopping platform

"Aesthetic underwear", as a sexy underwear brand that integrates R & D, production, and sales, is favored by consumers with rich product lines and ingenious design.The word "beautiful" in its store name shows the brand’s pursuit of underwear and the admiration for beauty.

3. "vokely" -on representative of European sexy design

"Vokely", as a European sex lingerie brand, is known for its sexy, variable design in design, and uses high -quality microfiber fabrics as the material of the product, bringing consumers with good quality and cheap boutiques.The "Vokely" in its store name represents both the brand’s sense of art, but also has a strong recognition.

4. "Love Lace" -The representative brand of girl heart

"Ai Lei", as a lace and light luxury underwear brand, is favored by beautiful women.The word "Love lace" in the store name not only expresses women’s pursuit of beauty, but also establishes affinity for the brand.

5. "Legend of Flowers" -The masterpiece of Chinese -style sexy underwear

"Flower Legend", as the first Chinese -style underwear brand in China, broke the mechanical sense of traditional underwear with cultural elements with Chinese characteristics, and pursued excellence in design details.The "Legend of Flowers" in the store name expresses the brand’s admiration for antique culture in China.

6. "Her Hearts" -woman’s exclusive sexy underwear

As a brand focusing on women’s sexy underwear, "She Xinyue", with design beautiful and comfortable products as its core, subverts the functionality of traditional sexy underwear and focuses on women’s sexy and beautiful.The "Her heart" in her store name not only expresses the brand’s companionship for consumers’ soul, but also makes people feel that the brand has women’s aesthetics and emotions.

7. "Women’s Pavilion" -The beauty of the world and presenting the ultimate charm of women

"Women’s Pavilion", as a sexy underwear brand covering the global pop elements, provides consumers with a full range of underwear matching solutions with a variety of, moderate, and personalized.The "Women’s Pavilion" in its store name not only represents the door to all women, but also expresses the concept of resonance between brands and women.

8. "Mizu Nong" -Homing to sporty sexy underwear

"Mizumo", as a brand focusing on sports -type sexy underwear, is designed to provide women who like sports with sports, which can provide both sports and fashionable underwear, and pay attention to the comfort and breathability of fabrics.The "Mizumo" in its store name not only represents the brand’s movement attributes, but also has a sense of elegance and fashion.

9. "Molta" -the representative brand of extreme sexy

"Molita" is known in the underwear market with the ultimate sexy design style. It aims to bring sexy and healthy underwear products to female consumers and enrich women’s lives.The "Molita" in its name represents the brand’s pursuit of sexy, and it is also reminiscent of the supermodel Shuolidan, increasing the brand’s affinity.

10. "It belongs to my wardrobe only" -The representative brand of custom erotic underwear

"Only my wardrobe", as a brand dedicated to bringing self -defined sexy underwear to consumers, allowing consumers to freely design their own underwear and meet the needs of female consumers for self -expression and creation.The store’s name "belongs to my wardrobe only" is not just an ordinary store name, but the true embodiment of the brand concept.


Among the many interesting underwear brands, each brand has its own characteristics and advantages. Whether it is the design, fabrics, functions, brand concepts, and store names, it represents consumers’ pursuit of underwear quality and interest in the quality of underwear quality.Expectation of the underwear market.As a sexual underwear enthusiast, we need to dig the value of each brand, understand their uniqueness, get inspiration and inspiration from it, and create their own sexy underwear style.

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