What do women think of sexy lingerie men?

1 Introduction

As a sexy, mysterious, and private underwear, sexy underwear has always been loved by women, but what do men think of women in sexy underwear?This article will analyze the different types and styles of women’s sexy underwear from the perspective of men.

2. Sexy style

For men, women wearing sexy types of sexy underwear, no matter what style, is enough to make them intoxicated.Highlighting the chest curve, sexy red, hollow lace, seductive lace … These will make men feel particularly attractive.

3. Cute style

Cute erotic underwear is often designed for girls or women in a childlike state. Cute cartoon patterns, warm pink, and fluffy lace lace will make people feel resistant.When men see these underwear, most of them will not have any desires, but enjoy the purity of this girl.

4. Underwear with high transparency

Highly transparent sexy underwear is a mysterious existence that makes men feel sexy and at the same time make men have a desire to challenge, trying to explore their mystery.

5. Recommended and color matching

If you want more men to appreciate your sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a more vivid, bright, and enthusiastic color, such as red, blue, purple, black and white, etc. These colors can effectively highlight your body curve, andYour sexy and charming level.

6. The matching of life scenes

Appropriate placement scenes can make your interesting underwear significant effects. For example, wearing a more elegant jacket at romantic dinner can not only highlight your temperament, but also leave a mystery and boldness.

7. The matching of underwear

For women, the choice of underwear is as important as the choice of sexy underwear.If you want to achieve a perfect effect with your boyfriend, it is strongly recommended that you match the same style of underwear style as the sexy underwear style to make your taste more unique, special and perfect.

8. Summary

In short, it can be seen to a certain extent that there are differences in men’s views on women’s sexy underwear, because everyone’s aesthetics and interests are different.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to etiquette and appropriate occasions to make yourself more and more sexy, charming and confident.

9. Suggestions

It is recommended that women should pay attention to the colors of the underwear and their skin color when wearing sexy underwear, which will make themselves more sexy and attract the attention of men.

10. Wearing sexy underwear cannot be excessive

Not all men like sexy underwear, and not all women are suitable for wearing.Wearing a sexy underwear should be in line with your own body and temperament. Don’t be too confusing and hypocritical, otherwise it is easy to misunderstand your personality and charm.

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