What do boys buy sexy underwear?

What do boys buy sexy underwear?

In the past, sexy underwear was only a female patent; but now, the times have changed.Now men also start to buy sexy underwear more and more.So the question comes: What do boys buy sexy underwear?

1. Increase interest

Whether it is the beginning of love or has been with each other for many years, interest is a very important thing, which can increase the intimacy between husband and wife.And sexy underwear can bring this effect.The sexy underwear bought by boys can not only satisfy their sexual fantasies, but also have a certain scene effect, which can make the husband and wife feel more harmonious.

2. Buy for girlfriend or wife

Many men choose to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives. This can not only meet their sexual needs, but also increase the charm of their girlfriends or wives, thereby increasing the intimacy of the relationship between husband and wife.

3. Suitable for specific occasions

When boys buy sexy underwear, they often consider various use occasions.For example, when some boys want to be on the bed, sexy underwear can encourage morale and enhance self -confidence.And on party or nightclubs, some buyers will use them as an incarnation, put on their favorite sexy underwear to show their special assistants.

4. Increase sexual confidence

Many men buy sexy underwear to increase sexual confidence and make themselves more confident in terms of sex.Some sexy underwear can enhance male characteristics, such as increasing the size of the penis, which brings a better sexual life experience and self -experience to men.

5. Improve sexual interest

Seeking new stimulus is always attractive, especially in sexual life.Many men find that after buying sexy underwear, their sexual interest has been improved.With different styles of sexy underwear, some new elements can be added to make sexual life more irritating and interesting.

6. Extend the time of sexual life

When buying sexy underwear, some men will choose those underwear styles that can extend their sexual time.Some underwear materials can massage and stimulate sensitive areas, so that men can extend the orgasm time.Essence

7. Exercise your own aesthetics

Boys can also be exercised in aesthetic in buying sexy underwear.Many men are not all professional "fashionistas". By buying sex underwear and learning different styles, colors, materials, etc., they can exercise their aesthetics and improve their taste.Essence

8. Self -relaxation

Buying sexy underwear can also allow men to relax themselves in their lives.For example, in busy work, men can choose to buy some sexy underwear to relax and reduce stress.

In short, there are many reasons for men to buy sexy underwear.Some men can use this to increase their sexual interests, some men are to prolong sexual life, and others are to exercise their aesthetics.No matter what your purpose is, sexy underwear can bring different fun and excitement.

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