What are the top ten in sex underwear brands?


As people’s requirements for sexual life are getting higher and higher, sexy underwear is more and more popular as a kind of comfortable, sexy, and fashionable underwear.So, which brands are the most popular among so many erotic underwear brands?

The top ten sex lingerie brands list

Judging from the sales volume and user evaluation of major e -commerce platforms, the top ten of the most popular sexy lingerie brands in the market are as follows:

First place: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most well -known sexy lingerie brands, known for its romantic, sexy, fashionable style.Its design appearance is stylish and bold, rich in style, and is loved by female consumers.In addition, Victoria’s Secret is often jointly promoted with international sexy supermodels, becoming the dream brand of countless women.

Second place: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a high -end erotic underwear brand that originated in the United States. Its underwear is very simple and atmospheric. It is known as a brand that is noble, comfortable, and public and private.Its spokesperson includes all kinds of film and television stars and international front -line supermodels.

Third place: Aimer

Aimer is one of the famous domestic sexy underwear brands, with a variety of product series and a very feminine design.Its design integrates comfort and fashion, perfectly showing the spirit and beauty of urban women.It is worth mentioning that many of Aimer’s underwear are made in European and Japanese fabrics, and the quality is guaranteed.

Fourth place: La Perla

La Perla is a Italian erotic underwear brand with a history of more than 100 years. With high -quality fabrics and exquisite handicrafts, the production is not only very comfortable, but the appearance is just right.La Perla is widely welcomed by consumers in nature, exquisite, elegant and other styles.

Fifth place: triumph

Triumph is a sexy underwear brand from Germany and has a century -old history.Its product lines include underwear, pajamas, swimsuits, etc., all have exquisite design, comfortable texture, and reliable quality.Triumph has also participated in unclear fashion weeks and beautiful world competitions, becoming one of the representatives of brand strength in the world.

Sixth: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a high -end sexy underwear brand founded in the UK to create other exquisite and feminine products. It is not only expensive, but the company often creates various conceptual marketing methods with its strength and innovation.Buyers’ love.

Seventh place: wacoal

Wacoal is a sexy underwear brand from Japan. It is often favored by consumers with strong quality and excellent craftsmanship.It takes natural and comfortable as the product concept, and attaches great importance to the details of details. The style style often has a fresh and natural breath.

Eighth: Gossard

GOSSARD is one of the most famous sex lingerie brands from the United Kingdom. Its design focuses on details, takes into account comfort and fashion, and occupies a certain market share in the international market.What’s more worth mentioning is that GOSSARD is a male and female protagonist sexy underwear brand tailored for the "007" series of movies in the early days and enjoys a very high reputation.

Ninth place: bluebella

Bluebella is one of the youngest high -end sexy underwear brands in the UK. It was established in 2005. It shows the upper -class society with civilian prices. The unique design and fashion matching has attracted countless young women.

Tenth: Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel is a sexy underwear brand from France. With its high -end reputation and high -quality fabrics, the reputation is very good in the world.Its style is very European style, and can often catch the hearts of female consumers.


There are many erotic underwear brands, and people’s love for sex underwear brands is also because of the characteristics and values of the brand.From the perspective of the top ten sex lingerie brands, quality and creative designs have become a heated discussion. In the future, who can meet the quality requirements of consumers, who can get more market opportunities.

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