What are the fabrics for sexy underwear

What are the fabrics for sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the market, and more and more women have begun to wear them in life.And the fabric of sexy underwear has always been a topic of attention, because it is related to the comfort, aesthetic and quality of dressing.This article will introduce this issue from multiple angles.

1. Cotton fabric

Many people like to wear cotton and sexy underwear, because it is breathable, highly comfortable, and sweat -absorbent, which can make the skin good breathing.At the same time, cotton erotic underwear is soft and comfortable, which can make people feel particularly warm.

Second, real silk cloth

Real silk sexy underwear has a very high texture and is the first choice for women who adhere to high -quality women.Compared to other fabrics, the real silk feels more smooth and silky in terms of feel. At the same time, it has a distinctive color and is very peaceful to wear.

Third, chemical fiber fabric

The fabric used in chemical fiber and interest underwear is a artificial fiber made under chemical production conditions based on chemical raw materials.The well -known and sexual underwear is strong, which can better show the curve of women, and it is highly cost -effective, which is loved by many female enthusiasts.

Fourth, lace cloth

Lace erotic underwear is mainly made of lace fabric, which has the characteristics of noble, elegant, soft, light and thin.At the same time, because of its unique design, lace sexy underwear will make women look more sexy and charming, and reflects the unique charm of women.

Five, mesh yarn material

The texture of the mesh sex lingerie is lightweight, good breathability, high softness, and soft silk feel.Because of its transparent effect, it can better show the beauty of women and present a sexy and beautiful side.

Six, tulle fabric

Types and sexy underwear will be lighter and cooler at the same time, which can make women avoid the sweltering of summer, and also give women sexy throughout the year.

7. Simulation silk cloth

The texture of the simulation silk sexy underwear is as soft as silk, and the personal effect is better.Compared to real silk cloth, simulation silk sexy underwear is also cheaper in price, which is very suitable for ordinary consumers.

Eight, wool fabric

In winter, we often wear wool clothes to keep warm. So what is the application in sexy underwear?Wool erotic underwear has a good warmth effect, and it is also very soft, so that the comfort is also very high.

Nine, Modal cloth

Modal is a new type of fiber material. Its moisture absorption and softness are very good. Modal’s sexy underwear can better fit the female body, show the beautiful curve of women, and also have a good upper body feeling.

Ten, Olef cloth

Olyv cloth is a very fashionable fabric material in recent years. It is made of natural and environmentally friendly herbaceous plant extract fiber. Its texture is very soft and has good elasticity and health benefits.

In general, the fabrics of sexy underwear are still very diverse. Each cloth has its unique performance and effect, and consumers can choose according to their own needs.Whether it is sexy, comfortable, cool, warmth, etc., there are always sexy underwear suitable for you.

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