What are the companies in Suzhou Fun underwear?

What are the companies in Suzhou Fun underwear?

Suzhou is a well -known commercial city in China. Many sexy underwear companies have branches or manufacturers here.In this article, we will introduce some sexy underwear companies in Suzhou.

1. Enchant

Enchant is a sexy underwear company located in Suzhou.They provide a variety of sexy, sexy, fashionable sexy underwear.Enchant’s design and manufacturing make them one of Suzhou’s most popular sexy underwear brands.

2. Nanjiren

Nanjiren is a company focusing on sexy and sexy underwear.They are very good at designing and can meet the most demanding requirements of customers, so they are also recognized by Suzhou market and loved by consumers.

3. Sephoran

Sephora is a global chain sexy underwear company and also has stores in Suzhou.Their sexy lingerie styles are diverse, including women’s underwear, men’s underwear and sex toys.Sephora has a good after -sales service and guarantees quality and comfort.

4. Goddess secret

The goddess secret is a company selling sexy underwear and accessories.They provide high -quality and fashionable sexy underwear and accessories, making each woman feel more confident and more attractive.

5. Camel

Camel is a sexy underwear brand with the theme of skin -friendly health.They only use the best fabrics and craftsmanship to ensure the quality and comfort of underwear.Their design style is simple and fashionable, which is very suitable for women who like low -key and tasteless.

6. Roma women’s clothing

Roma women’s clothing is a company selling sexy underwear and basic underwear.Their sexy underwear is novel, fashionable and chic, and quality and comfort are also very good.The Roma women’s clothing also has a high reputation in the Suzhou market.

7. Han Shu

Han Shu is a brand focusing on selling underwear and sex products.Their underwear feels very comfortable, has a lot of sexy underwear, and the price is relatively affordable. It is loved by young women.

8. Maidenform

MaidenForm is a global sexy underwear brand that also sells sexy underwear in the Suzhou market.Their most famous products are tight -fitting corset, pantyhose and body clothes.Among them, their tight -fitting corset and pantyhose are very suitable for wearing low -cut and exposed feet.

9. Visual temptation

Visual temptation is a brand underwear company.Their sexy underwear is stylish and sexy, with complete styles.Visual temptation also provides various accessories, such as socks, gloves and lace veils, etc., making you more sexy and seductive.

10. La Perla

La Perla is a Italian high -end underwear brand that sells various high -end sexy lingerie in Suzhou stores.Their erotic underwear is very expensive, but the quality is really impeccable, and the design is very cutting -edge.If you are looking for a long -lasting sexy underwear, La Perla is a good choice.

In general, there are many sexy underwear companies in the Suzhou market.Whether you are pursuing a high -end La Perla or a goddess who pursues cost -effective, you can find a sexy underwear brand that suits you.When buying sexy underwear, be sure to pay attention to quality and comfort, and at the same time consider fashion and style.

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