Wanz sex underwear Magnet

Wanz sex underwear Magnet Overview

Wanz sex lingerie Magnet is a highly anticipated sexy underwear. It inherits the sexy elements of traditional sexy underwear. At the same time, it has been upgraded in style and material, and the magnetic design is added, making it more convenient to wear.

Advantages of magnetic design

Magnetic suction is the biggest feature of Magnet, and the advantage of its design is convenient and fast.Magnetic adoptness has accelerated the speed of clothes to some extent, eliminating the troubles of traditional buttons.Moreover, magnets can better fit the body, and can also increase the suspension stability of clothes, making women more confident and stylish.

Consider the selection of materials

Magnet’s underwear materials are also worth mentioning.The material selected by the underwear is very comfortable and close. It is made of a mixture of fibroblast ceramics and nylon. At the same time, it adds a strong mesh material to give the skin the perfect touch experience. The powerful elasticity can better modify the body curve.

Suitable for wearing

In addition, Wanz sex lingerie Magnet is also a multi -purpose sexy underwear, suitable for wearing various occasions.Whether it is dating, party, performance, etc., it can bring different charm to the wearers.Even between private beds, this underwear can show the sexy side.

Magnet classic style

Magnet series underwear has a variety of classic styles, such as camisole, hollow jumpsuits, lace suits, etc.These styles are designed with extremely delicate craftsmanship. The texture is elegant. After wearing it, it can bring people a sexy and romantic feeling.

How to buy the right size

Body size is the most critical factor when choosing sexy underwear. Magnet is not beautiful in appearance.If you do n’t know your actual size, you will inevitably be too large or too small to buy underwear.We recommend that customers measure the size of important parts before purchasing, or ask professional salespersons to help recommend suitable sizes.

How to match the appropriate accessories

With suitable accessories that can make the beauty of sexy underwear more divided, Magnet is no exception.For example, some simple necklaces, earrings, etc. can bring out the elegant temperament of women.In addition, you can also match some small jewelry such as lace gloves of the same color system to enhance the sexy atmosphere of sexy underwear.

How to maintain it correctly

Magnet underwear is very important, and different fabrics need different nursing methods.It is recommended to use hand washing the underwear. Do not use a washing machine.In addition, the underwear should not be sunny in the sun, and do not put it in an too humid environment to avoid the deformation and color loss of the fabric.

Conclusion: Magnet is charming

In short, the Wanz sex underwear Magnet series is a very high -end sexy underwear.Magnetic design, exquisite craftsmanship design, and harmonious materials, coupled with the appropriate combination, make people have an absolute sense of self -confidence and charm after putting it on.It can be said that Magnet women are born for art, showing the sexy and charm of women’s tentacles.

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