The story of wearing a fun underwear for Xiao Shou

First experience of wearing sex underwear

Xiao Shou is a very shy boy. He rarely tries some novel things, and his life is relatively bland.Until one day, his girlfriend took him to a sexy shop and recommended some sexy sexy underwear.Xiao Shou felt very embarrassing at first, but tried it.

Types of sexy underwear

Xiao Shou discovered that there are many types of sexy underwear, including sexy bras, three -point style, imitation leather skirts, stockings, etc.These charming erotic underwear can not only increase sexual interest, but also highlight the advantages of the figure, and make people want to stop.

How to select sexy jacket

If you want to try sexy underwear, you should consider your own shape. Choose different styles of underwear to highlight your advantages and cover some shortcomings.In addition, the size and ordinary underwear of sexy underwear are also different, so you need to try it on to find the right style.

Fun underwear wearing taboo

Although sexy underwear is very sexy, not all underwear is suitable for everyone, and it cannot be worn casually.For example, if you have allergies, it is best to choose cotton or breathable underwear to avoid allergic reactions.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, it cannot be too tight, which will affect the normal blood circulation of the body.

The effect after wearing sex lingerie

After wearing a fun underwear, Xiao Shou found that his temperament was very different. He became more confident and his body seemed more charming.In addition, sexy underwear can also stimulate the other half, increase sexual interest, and make sexual life better.

Falling underwear maintenance

Pay attention to maintenance in sexy underwear.First of all, underwear is dense and breathable clothing, which needs to be rinsed and disinfected frequently to avoid bacterial breeding.In addition, do not wash with high temperature water to avoid damaging materials.Underwear should prevent the sun from exposing sunlight to avoid deformation.

Sex underwear purchase

If you want to buy sexy underwear, it is recommended to go to a regular sexual product store to buy to avoid buying inappropriate products.In addition, you need to pay attention to quality and material when buying, try to choose natural materials and guaranteed brands.

The fashion trend of sexy underwear

In fact, sexy underwear has become a part of fashion.Many brands have launched some very trendy sexy lingerie styles, which also combine some popular elements, making sexy underwear a member of the fashion industry.

Experience of wearing erotic underwear

Xiao Shou met a more sexy self through a sexy underwear, and also experienced new charm in sexual life.He feels that sexy underwear can not only increase interest, but also make people more confident. It is a very useful attempt.

Final suggestion

If you want to try to wear sexy lingerie, you should cherish this opportunity, try different styles, and find the most suitable underwear.At the same time, you should also pay attention to the maintenance and health of sexy underwear to avoid adverse effects on the body.

The above is the story of the little sexy underwear. Wearing a sexy underwear can bring a lot of different experiences, but choose and wear cautiously, cherish this experience, and enjoy your new life!

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