SM sexy underwear role performance

SM sexy underwear role performance


Interesting underwear can not only add fun to life, but also enrich the posture of life.Among them, SM sexy underwear role -playing has become one of the choices of more and more couples.In this article, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of SM sexy underwear character.

What is SM sexy underwear role -playing

SM sexy underwear role -playing is a common gameplay in the process of sex. By wearing different erotic underwear to play different roles, you can feel different interesting experience while enjoying sexual pleasure.

Common SM sexy underwear role -playing

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1. Queen and slave: The queen wears black leather skirts and high heels, and she holds toys in her hands to punish slaves; slaves wear restraint clothing and be insulted and tuned by the queen.

2. Coach and athletes: The coach is wearing shorts and short -sleeved T -shirts, holding whip in his hands; the athlete wears sportswear and is driven away by the coach and palm.

3. Police and criminals: Police are wearing police uniforms and holding batons in their hands; criminals are wearing prison uniforms and arrested and imprisoned by police.

How to choose SM sex underwear role -playing equipment

According to personal preferences and sexual interests, you can choose different SM sexy underwear role -playing equipment.It is recommended that beginners can choose simpler props and clothing, and gradually increase and try more props and clothing with the improvement of experience.


1. Sending underwear to buy regular ones, suitable for your body and preference;

2. In sexual behavior, the two sides should maintain voluntary, safe and respectful sexual behavior;

3. Add imagination and creativity;

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4. Without understanding the other party’s tone, it is not recommended to perform SM sexy underwear role -playing.

Common misunderstanding

1. SM sexy underwear role -playing is illegal.In fact, as long as two people voluntarily, in line with moral ethics, it is a legitimate behavior;

2. SM sexy underwear role -playing is sex pervert.This is discrimination and stigma of bisexual, homosexual, degeneration, masturbation, peeping and other behaviors.In fact, as long as it is voluntary, non -violence, safety, mutual benefit, sex itself is a healthy behavior;

3. It has nothing to do with the occupation and personality of reality, and it is related to psychological abnormalities.We often say that "playing seriously" refers to this pretending scene. It is precisely because of playing serious and unusual sex, and it requires normal psychology;

SM sexy underwear role -playing how to make sex life healthier

SM sexy underwear role -playing adds to increase life interest, at the same time can meet people’s different sexual fantasy and needs, bringing more fun to sexual life.While introducing the role of SM sexy underwear to sex life, it is also necessary to pay attention to safety, voluntary and respect, establish and maintain good communication and trust between the two parties, so that sex life is healthier and richer.

SM sexy underwear character play the ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of SM sexy underwear role -playing is to achieve more sexual pleasure through role -playing to achieve sexual fantasies between the two sides.Only through the joint exploration and efforts of both parties can the sex life be better, healthy, and passionate.

in conclusion

SM sexy underwear role -playing is not only a sexual posture, but also a kind of life interest.Only respecting and voluntary can SM sexy underwear role play a healthier and rich way of sex.