Sexy underwear model vacuum photogenic

Sexy underwear model vacuum photogenic

Sexy underwear model vacuum photogenic

Sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive clothing, which can stimulate women’s confidence and charm.For sexy underwear brands, the performance of models is very critical.Vacuum is especially a common and controversial way. Let’s take a look at it.

What exactly is vacuum?

Vacuum shots refer to the most ultimate and sexy moments by using the colorful lights and post -synthesis techniques in front of the model to wear a sexy underwear to show the most extreme and sexy moments when wearing a sexy underwear.This method is considered to be the highest state of sexy, although the effect of this method is sometimes too exaggerated.

The background and development process of vacuum photogenic

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As early as 2009, due to the restrictions and dedication of sexy underwear advertisements, models began to use vacuum to show their body.Now, vacuum photogenic has become a very popular way, which has been widely used on major e -commerce platforms and sexual products websites.

The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum photogenic

The advantage of vacuum photogenic is that it can highly express the sexy, seductive and beauty of sexy underwear, attract consumers’ attention, and drive the growth of sales performance.Some consumers will feel that the model of the model is too exposed and naked, which is not suitable for their personal values.

How to evaluate the vacuum performance of a sexy underwear model?

Evaluating the vacuum performance of a sexy underwear model needs to consider the following aspects: the elegance of the posture, the naturalness of the expression, the shape and lines of the limbs, the delicateness and smoothness of the skin.

Most erotic lingerie brands are recommended to prohibit the use of vacuum mirrors?

Although vacuum is attracting consumers’ attention and interest in buying sexy underwear to a certain extent, most sexy underwear brands still recommend prohibiting the use of this method.This is because it is considered to be too naked, and it is easy to cause controversy and adverse consequences.

Alternative scheme: Use virtual models instead of real models

Virtual models are a new way that appeared recently. Without real -life sexy underwear models, it shows sexy and seductive sexy underwear effects.The advantage of virtual models is that it can effectively control the balance between artistic originality and business expression, while avoiding various problems of real models.


The future development prospects of vacuum photos in the future

Although the vacuum is too naked and difficult to display, with the continuous advancement of technology and the understanding of business and social moral concepts, vacuum is hoping to become one of the most popular way of showing sex underwear.develop.


Vacuum photogenic is a way of manifestation of sexy underwear models. Although people have controversy and dislikes, it is still a powerful marketing method because it can effectively attract consumers’ attention.Of course, virtual models are also a very good alternative, which helps to improve business benefits of sexy underwear brands.Therefore, the brand needs to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and choose a marketing method that suits them according to its own brand, products and market needs.