Sexy underwear hug up and down

Sexy underwear hug up and down

What is a sit -up type thrusting up and down

Sitting is a sexual posture, which can help the partner feel each other’s body more deeply when inserting up and down.In this posture, men are sitting on the bed or chair, and women sit on the men across the men.This posture can increase the physical contact between each other, increase intimacy and pleasure.

Suitable for the sexy underwear that is inserted up and down

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is very important for this posture.The recommended sexy lingerie style is a dress with a mouthful of opening, which is convenient for sex.In addition, you can also choose sexy underwear with lace lace, chest, and hip design to increase sexy and visual impact.

Precautions for sitting up and down

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When you insert up and down, be careful not to cause physical discomfort or harm to your partner.For women, it is necessary to control the jumping strength and avoid pain.At the same time, men also need to pay attention to their physical weight and not over -compress women.

The importance of using lubricant

It is very important to use the lubricant up and down.Because this posture is prone to friction, if there is no enough lubrication, it will easily cause damage.Choosing a lubricant that suits you can effectively reduce pain and discomfort and improve the quality of sex.

The pleasure of hugging up and down pits up and down

Holding up and down pits can increase the body contact surface and improve the emotional intimacy.At the same time, this posture can also allow men to insert into women deeper into women and increase the pleasure of the two.

How to increase the experience of sex underwear

When you insert up and down, you can use some sex props to increase the quality of sex.For example, tie handcuffs on women’s body to increase another pleasure; or tie a seal set on the male waist to increase the pleasure of both sides.These props can make sex more exciting and interesting.

Different erotic underwear is suitable for different people

Everyone’s body, taste, and physiological needs are different, and they must also vary from person to person when choosing sexy underwear.For example, for women with large breasts, you can choose a linen -patterned sexy underwear, which can increase sexy and can also play a role.The sexy and charming sex horizontal band high heels are suitable for all women.

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Maintenance method of sexy underwear

In order to extend the life of sexy underwear, the correct maintenance method is also important.When cleaning the erotic underwear, you need to use the appropriate detergent and water temperature according to the instructions on the label to avoid excessive washing methods, squeeze or over -bump.When drying, pay attention to avoid exposure and high temperature.

The application of sexy underwear in life

In addition to using sex underwear in sex, more people can also use sex underwear as daily wear.For example, a deep -V -style erotic underwear can be used as a daily underwear with a low -cut top to increase charm; it can also match stockings and necklaces to participate in party activity.

in conclusion

Holding up and down the upper and lower insertion requires suitable sexy underwear as a decoration, so as to continue to enjoy good quality of sex.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider suitable styles, different groups, maintenance methods and other factors in order to get the greatest fun in life and sex.