Sexy underwear called bombs

Sexy underwear called bombs

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It is different from traditional underwear. It focuses on the effects of sexy and temptation. It is a prop to increase interest and sex.Sex underwear is divided into a variety of models and styles, such as beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is usually made of soft, flexible and elastic fabrics, such as silk, polyester, wool, etc., and also choose materials such as thickness, silk, and elasticity of the wearing feelings.In addition, some sexy underwear will add decorative elements such as lace, lace, ribbon to increase their sexy and aesthetics.

Sex of sex underwear

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Interest underwear can be divided into many types, such as sex robes, sexy underwear suits, sex bra, sexual panties, and some bold styles such as sex bikini and sex suspenders.Each type of sexy underwear has its own special characteristics and style, which can meet the needs of different customers.

The color of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is generally bright and dazzling, so that it can better attract each other’s attention.Common colors are black, red, pink, purple, gold, etc. The choice of color will also bring different effects to the experience.

Size of sex underwear

The size of sexy underwear is generally smaller than ordinary underwear, which can fit the body to show better sexy and curves.There will be some differences in the size of the sexy underwear of each brand. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the size problem when buying to ensure that you are comfortable and suitable.

How to wear erotic underwear

There are many ways to wear erotic underwear. Some styles need to be directly put on the body, and some are divided into two pieces of upper and lower sets.It should be noted that when wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to keeping hygiene and cleaning.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently to ensure that it is not damaged. At the same time, it also guarantees the hygiene and comfort during wearing. The common maintenance methods include hand washing and dry cleaning.Pay attention to the material and color when washing, so as not to damage the underwear.

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Sex underwear matching

Interest underwear is different from ordinary underwear photos. It needs to be matched with other clothing and accessories, which reflects its unique style and sexy effects.Can be paired with decorations such as high heels, suspenders, shorts, and socks.At the same time, matching also needs to pay attention to the matching of color and style.

The effect of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not just a warm underwear, but also a prop to improve sex.Interesting underwear can help couples maintain a high degree of passion and stimulating sense, which is a way to add fun to life.But at the same time, you also need to pay attention not to be overly pursuing sexy, but ignore the comfort and health of wearing.


Sexy underwear is divided into a variety of models, and each underwear has its unique style and effect.Pay attention to some problems when buying, wearing and maintenance to ensure its effect, health and durability.Although sexy underwear can increase the sexual interest between husband and wife, it cannot ignore comfort, health, and safety.