Sexy underwear beaded video teaching online

Sexy underwear beaded video teaching online

1. Sexual underwear beads

Interesting underwear beads refers to adding beads, crystals, and sequins to the underwear to increase the sexy and romantic effect.This design has become one of the classics of many sexy underwear brands.

2. Types of beads

The type of sexy underwear beads varies from the brand.Some brands use crystals, and some brands use sequins; some underwear designers will add beads on almost the entire underwear, while others will only add them in a few areas.

3. The form of beaded

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The form of sexy underwear beads is also different.Some underwear designers embed the beads on the underwear, while some designers sew it outside the underwear.In addition, there are some brands using beading chains to pass the bead chain like a snake on the underwear, adding some dynamics.

4. Practice

If you want to DIY a string of beads and sexy underwear, you can prepare the required materials such as: underwear, bead chains, beads, sewing needles, silk threads and other tools.First plan to add beads, then sew the needle thread into the beads, pass through the underwear, pass through the next bead, and wear it back to the underwear.Always penetrate other beads in the same way.After sewing the ugly line head.

5. Maintenance

Interest underwear beads require extra maintenance, because beads and sequins are easy to fall off.So please do not wash your sexy underwear in the washing machine.The best way is to wash your underwear hands and gently wipe the beaded area with a soft towel.

6. Suggestions

When wearing a sexy underwear, if there are many beads in the beads, you can choose a ordinary short skirt or shorts to emphasize the pearl elements on the sexy underwear., Make sexy underwear and external clothing echo each other.

7. Applicable crowd

Interest underwear beads are not suitable for everyone.If you are fat, put on beaded underwear to make yourself look more "spectacular".Or, if you are thinner or the skeleton is relatively small, the beads may be too exaggerated and are not coordinated with your overall appearance.

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8. Selection of bra

If you want to be a brace, it is best to choose a style that is in line with the shape of the underwear.Otherwise, insertion may provide wrong support and structural characteristics.A good support structure is very important, so that your underwear will be more secure and comfortable, and always maintain a graceful figure.

9. String beads sex underwear price

The price varies from brand, material and design.Even if the number of beaded beaded underwear is the same, the price of the brand will be very different.Interest underwear beading design makes ordinary underwear more sexy, but the price is not cheap.

10. Viewpoint

The design of sexy underwear beads is an effective way to improve the degree of sexual sex, but it needs additional maintenance and cleaning.Choose underwear and beads that are suitable for your body shape to achieve the best results.However, different women have different aesthetic views and budgets, and choosing sexy underwear that suits them is the most important.