Sexy underwear and underwear confidentiality

Sexy underwear and underwear confidentiality

Sexy underwear and underwear confidential: Everything you need to know

Interest underwear and underwear may be the key to your sense of fashion and personality, but how to maintain these secrets?This article will provide you with some useful prompts.


Knowing your size may be the key to confidentiality.Make sure you know your size when buying, and compare between each brand.Don’t let the salesperson measure shyly.


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Different materials need different care.Make sure you understand the cleaning requirements of each material when buying.When cleaning, follow the instructions on the label.

Underwear style

Different underwear styles are suitable for different occasions and clothing.You may need to choose conservative underwear in daily life, and choose more sexy styles when dating or party.According to needs, selective sexy, but don’t expose it too much.


The underwear style is the same as the underwear style, suitable for different occasions and clothing.Choosing the right underwear can improve your wear experience and make you feel more confident.Thin panties can avoid being too heavy on the lower body, and no marks of panties can avoid leaving marks when wearing tight skirts or tights.


Choosing the right color can enhance your personality, but you also need to choose according to the occasion.In a clean and bright environment, light color underwear and underwear may be more suitable, and at night or dim occasions, you can choose dark underwear and underwear.

Method of purchase

When buying underwear and underwear, try to avoid shopping with family or friends.It is recommended to use a private credit card or cash payment when shopping to avoid the bills see by others.

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Storage method

When storage of underwear and underwear, keep it dry to avoid direct sunlight.If you need to fold, fold it neatly and then put it in the drawer.


If not need, please handle or donate underwear and underwear you no longer use.Don’t put it in recyclables, and don’t sell it to second -hand stores to avoid being seen by others.

Method of sharing

You can share your underwear with your partner, but before sharing, please make sure you have a clear consent.Avoid sharing underwear with any others to avoid leaking personal information.

Confident self -confidence

Finally, keeping underwear is confident.Only if you know what you are wearing can you feel confident.Choose the right underwear and underwear to maintain good care and trust your own decision. This can enhance your self -confidence and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.