Sexual underwear beaded tutorial picture

Sexual underwear beaded tutorial picture

Sexual underwear beaded tutorial picture

Interest underwear can bring multiple experiences and aesthetic experience, and beads are a good way to enhance the tone of sexy underwear and make it more sexy and delicate.In this article, we will show you how to make beaded for your sexy underwear.

1. Prepare your materials and tools

To make a string of beaded lingerie, you need to prepare the following materials and tools: beads, glue, rubber guns, lines and needles.You can buy these products from any craft shop or online store.

2. Prepare your sexy underwear

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What kind of sexy underwear to choose can enhance the effect of beading.A soft and perspective sexy underwear is most suitable for beading design, because beads can be easier to pass through the transparent edges and surfaces.

3. Clean up and prepare for your sexy underwear surface

Preparation is very important to ensure that your beads will firmly stick to your erotic underwear.Apply a dot -glue on the surface of your sexy underwear, so that the beads will be easier to stick on it.

4. Start beading

Put the line into the needle, and then pass through a few millimeters from the sexy underwear.Next, pass the beads one by one until you reach the length and size you need.You can change the color and size of the beads according to your preference.

5. Treat the line header

After completing the section of the beads, the remaining tail is bypassing the line several times through the sexy underwear, and finally cut the line and fix it with dot.

6. Change color

In order to better display your beading skills, you can use different colors in different areas.Use the same steps to create multiple beads.

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7. Fix the bead skewers on sexy underwear

Continue to design beads for your sexy underwear until you achieve the ideal effect.Fix the beads in the appropriate position with point replenishment and rubber gun to ensure that the cloth and beads are fully pasted together.

8. Complete your sexy underwear beads design

Now your sexy underwear beading design has been completed.You can freely change and adjust according to your ideas to adapt to different occasions and atmosphere.Try to use different colors and beads to make your sexy underwear more significant.

in conclusion

In this article, we show you how to make beads for your sexy underwear to make it more sexy and delicate.Beads are a very simple and interesting way to enhance the tone of sexy underwear. You can use your own way to create it to create a more personalized design of your sexy underwear beads.