Sex underwear trial and evaluation

Sex underwear trial and evaluation


Sex underwear trial and evaluation is a very interesting topic, but for most people, this may be a strange field.In this article, we will discuss: how to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, and how to evaluate the quality, comfort and sexuality of sexy underwear when trying on.

Understand your body type

Understanding your own figure is the first step in choosing sexy underwear.Do you have full chest, narrow waist or round hips?Choosing a sexy underwear that is best for your figure can enhance the overall beauty, and at the same time make you feel more confident.

Choose the appropriate style and color

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There are many different styles and colors in sex underwear to meet the needs of different customers.You need to consider your personal preferences, occasions and overall styles when choosing sexy underwear.For example, for a romantic night, pink or red patent leather sexy underwear may be more suitable.

Choose the correct size and material

Choosing the appropriate size is the guarantee of comfort and appropriateness.The fun underwear of different brands may have different size standards, so you must check the size guide carefully.In addition, it is also important to choose comfortable materials.Generally, erotic underwear uses silk, lace or breathable and soft fibrous fabrics.

Evaluation quality and feel

The quality and feel of erotic underwear are very important factor.When you try to see sex underwear, you need to evaluate whether the quality and feel can meet your expectations.Evaluate whether the quality and suture of the embedded objects are strong, which directly affects the sexyness and service life of the underwear.

Try to penetrate or match multiple styles

When trying to wear sexy underwear, you can try different styles and materials, such as suits or different underwear and gathered underwear or stockings.This allows you to understand your feelings in different situations, so as to freely choose the style that suits you best.

Try all kinds of wearing or wearing methods

There are many ways to wear sexy underwear. You can try different ways or wear methods, such as wearing shoulder straps or not wearing shoulder straps to deal with different occasions.In some occasions that exist in gender discrimination or passion and passion for another party, more sexy or low -key ways can attract each other’s attention more.

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Try to penetrate suitable time

In fact, the time to try sex underwear also needs to pay attention.It is best to choose trials in the second half of the day, because at this time your body has become relaxed and the shape will be relatively stable. You can better understand your interaction with the underwear and the surrounding environment.

Important evaluation standard

When choosing sexy underwear, there are several important evaluation standards: sexy, comfort and quality.Sexy involves the design, material and suitable degree of underwear.The comfort includes the texture and comfort of the underwear.The quality includes the materials of the underwear, the quality of the embedded parts, the overall adaptability, and so on.

in conclusion

In short, it is not easy to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.You need to understand your body type, choose appropriate styles and colors, choose the correct size and material, evaluate quality and feel.Through a variety of styles and ways of dressing, it can help you find the most suitable sexy underwear and create the sexiest atmosphere.