Sex lingerie shop logo

Sex lingerie shop logo

Sex lingerie shop logo: the first step to establish a brand

In sexy underwear shops, LOGO is an extremely important part.It is the brand’s logo, representing the image and culture of the store, which can produce the effect of rapid identification and memory.A good LOGO can greatly help stores stand out in market competition and build a brand trust and loyalty.So, how should we design a good sexy underwear shop logo?

Understand the target customer group

First of all, we need to know who our target customer group is.The consumer group of sexy underwear is generally biased towards young, sexy, bold, open, and confident.Therefore, when designing LOGO, you need to be as close as possible to the aesthetic taste and cultural background of this group to attract their attention and resonance faster.

Choose the right color

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Color is crucial to the expression of LOGO.Sex underwear LOGO usually uses warm colors, such as pink, red, purple, etc. These colors can show a sexy and romantic atmosphere.For bold and open models, you can also choose more bright colors, such as orange, yellow, etc. to highlight personality and confidence.

Selection and design of the font

When designing, fonts are also a element that needs to be paid attention to.Generally, the logo font design of the sexy underwear shop is fresh and smooth, and the font size is moderate.You can bold or tilt some letters to show the selling point of the product.In terms of the choice of fonts, you can also choose the appropriate font according to the company’s culture and characteristics.

Graphic Design

In the design of sexy underwear LOGO, graphics are the most important elements, including shapes, lines, patterns, etc.Pay more attention to the sexy and romantic atmosphere during design, and highlight the brand image.You can choose some figures and patterns related to interest, such as lace, stockings, bow, love, etc.

The combination of graphics and fonts

The combination of graphics and fonts is an indispensable step to design a good sexy underwear logo.They need to complement and coordinate each other, or combine new shapes or patterns.In specific design, you can blend with each other through different typesetting, thick font, font color, scaling, etc., making the design more complete and more attractive.

Pay attention to the recognition of the logo

In addition to beauty and characteristics, the LOGO of sexy underwear shops also needs to consider its recognition.It means that when we put the sign at any position or zoom in the size, he can still recognize it well.The design of the sign should be simple enough and has a strong visual recognition.


The effect of the test logo

The effect of the logo requires many tests and modifications to determine its best state.For this reason, we need to test multiple times before formal use.You can see the effects in different cases, such as expanding or narrowing the size of the picture, different color schemes, and different devices.

Matching it with the brand

The brand is defined by the common needs and interests of target customers. Therefore, the image of the brand and logo should be closely matched in order to convey uniform information to customers.When designing, it must be consistent with the brand’s slogans, vision, strategy and marketing plan, and at the same time combined with marketing content to emphasize its core claims.


A good sexy underwear shop logo can represent the image and culture of the brand, which can produce the effect of rapid identification and memory, thereby helping the store stand out in market competition and establish a brand trust and loyalty.Therefore, when designing LOGO, you need to understand the target customer group, choose the right color, font and graphic design, attention logo recognition, test logo effect, and match the brand needs to design a good sexy underwear store logo logo.Essence