Is it perverted in sexy underwear?

Is it perverted in sexy underwear?

Introduction: Doubts caused by sexy underwear

Fun underwear originated from the West and is a sexy and teasing underwear.But with the deepening of sexual concepts, people’s views on sexy underwear are becoming more and more diversified and inclusive.But there are still some people who have doubts about wearing fun underwear. Is it perverted to wear erotic underwear?Let’s discuss it together.

Interesting underwear means a deep name

The name "sexy underwear" is often doubtful. It seems that this underwear can only be worn under specific interest occasions.But in fact, the name does not mean all. Fund underwear can be worn daily, or you can wear it when you need it, depending on personal needs and preferences.

Sexy style of sexy underwear

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Sexy underwear is often more sexy than ordinary underwear, and there are more decorative elements such as lace, mesh eyes.Although this style is relatively popular in the West, sexy is still a symbol of blasphemy in traditional Chinese aesthetics.But the times are developing, and more and more people have begun to accept and appreciate this sexy style.

Introduction to the classification of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear can be roughly divided into sexual and emotional fun underwear, European and American sexy underwear, Japanese sex underwear, SM sex underwear and so on.Each underwear style has unique design elements and ways to wear, but it is characterized by sexy and teasing.

How to wear erotic underwear

Wearing sex underwear needs to be matched according to personal needs and preferences, and it also needs to be selected according to the occasion and atmosphere.Some people just wear sexy underwear in order to increase confidence in sexy underwear; and some people wear sexy underwear to get higher satisfaction in terms of sexual desire.

The plasticity of sexy underwear

The erotic underwear itself is very plastic, which can be designed and matched according to personal preference.And in terms of sexuality, different people and occasions will have different needs and expectations.Therefore, the fun underwear itself does not have a fixed "role", but continues to shape and develop according to personal needs and preferences.

Do you wear sex underwear to reflect sexuality?

Some people think that wearing erotic underwear reflects personal habits.But in fact, personal sexuality is very complicated, and it is impossible to judge only based on a person’s appearance.Moreover, personal dressing, including sexy underwear, changes with age, experience and environment, and it is impossible to be the only standard.


Interest underwear and consent principles

You need to follow the principle of consent.The principle of consent means that after obtaining the consent and recognition of the other party at the right time and the appropriate occasion, any sexual behavior and sexual behavior related activities are performed.Moreover, wearing sexy underwear does not mean that all forms of invitations and requests can be accepted.

Gender liberation brought by sexy underwear

The popularity of sexy underwear also represents the further development of gender liberation.Women can wear self -confidence and sexy, and men can also show their sex style in a more diverse way.The appearance of sexy underwear is not to pursue an extreme gender equality, but to broaden our cognition and acceptance of gender and sex.

My point of view: Interesting underwear is a personal choice

In general, there is no problem in wearing sex underwear itself, which can increase personal confidence and sexy.However, it should be noted that in the process of wearing sexy underwear, we need to follow the principle of consent and respect the other party’s wishes.Interest underwear is just a kind of underwear. It cannot reflect personal habits, nor can it be the standard for judging a person’s quality and morality.In the end, wearing a sexy underwear is still a personal choice, you need to choose and match according to your own needs and preferences.