How to deal with sexy underwear after use

Interest underwear is an indispensable and important part of modern human life, but it needs to be properly handled after use to ensure your health and quality of life.Let’s take a look at how to deal with sexy underwear after use.

Treatment immediately is the best choice

After you use fun underwear, the best way to deal with is to deal with it immediately, do not wait for two or three days or later.Because it is easy to breed bacteria and increase the harm to the body.

Different types of sexy underwear are classified and handled

Depending on the different types of sexy underwear, different treatment methods need to be performed.For example, some sexy underwear needs to be treated specially. For example, some liquid erotic underwear will be attached, and it needs to be washed and disinfected with professional cleaning agents.

Avoid excessive friction or pinching

When dealing with sexy underwear, do not overwhelm or rub sex underwear, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage.

Cleaning thoroughly

If you can wash sexy underwear, use an appropriate amount of detergent and clean water for thorough cleaning, which can prevent the breeding of bacteria and protect the health of you and your partner.


If the sexy underwear cannot be washed with a washing machine, but is washed by hand, then you need to use a professional disinfection agent for disinfection. You can use some disinfection stores specializing in disinfectant or disinfectant produced by some professional manufacturers.

Natural air dry

After dealing with sexy lingerie, it is best to place it in a good ventilation place for natural air drying. Do not place it directly in the sun or expose in a high -temperature environment.Essence

Pay attention to the characteristics of sexy underwear materials

The treatment methods of different materials and fun underwear are different, and some need to pay special attention to handling.For example, silk sexy underwear needs to be particularly careful, because silk is a easily damaged material, and professional cleaner needs to be used.

Maintain the integrity of sexy underwear

When dealing with sexy underwear, pay attention to maintaining its integrity, try to avoid damage, wear, eye insertion and other conditions. You can use the skills of maintaining the integrity of the clothes to deal with the sexy underwear.

Don’t share sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very personal item. You must avoid sharing with others, otherwise it will increase the risk of cross -infection of bacteria.

in conclusion

Pay attention to the correct processing method after use of sexy underwear, which can effectively extend its service life, and also protect the health of you and your partner, and you can also get a better experience.

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